‘Putting Politics Before American Jobs’: RNC Chairwoman Slams Pelosi for Delaying Vote on USMCA Trade Deal

Yuri Gripas/Reuters

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel blasted Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for dragging her feet on the approval of the latest North American trade deal.

President Donald Trump and his administration have been working to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) since he took over the Oval Office. Though there has been friction with Mexico, Trump managed to strike a deal with them and Canada that reforms some of the current trade regulations between the three nations.

When Trump settled on the USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement), the U.S. and its neighbors negotiated a trade deal and sent it back to their respective legislatures for approval. Mexico already gave the deal its seal of approval, becoming the first of the three nations to do so.

Canada and the U.S., however, haven’t seen as much progress.

In the U.S., Speaker Pelosi hasn’t gotten around to scheduling a vote on the issue. She claims that she has reservations about the deal, pointing to unresolved issues relating to labor standards and environmental protections.

In turn, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has slowed his roll on the deal, as well, though his concerns are more logistical than political. The Canadian House of Commons was set to adjourn for the summer, meaning he would have to force the vote before the representatives break.

Trudeau met with Pelosi in June to see if she had plans to ratify the deal anytime soon. When she signaled that she did not, Trudeau allowed the House of Commons to adjourn without finalizing the USMCA.

Now, Republicans are calling on Pelosi to stop dragging her feet on the deal and take it up on the House floor.

McDaniel claimed that Pelosi’s delay is costing American workers new jobs.

Several other Republicans have been sounding the alarm about the deal, as well.

For now, it isn’t clear when Pelosi will take on the USMCA. At the moment, it seems as though she has her hands full trying to keep her party together.

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Pelosi is once again proving herself AGAINST America.


Vicious infighting in the demokrat party.


Piglosi is a wanna-be tyrant who is smart enough to remain in ‘her’ position of power but she wields that power like an oaf. She needs to reign in the Young Jerks if she is capable, but I’m not holding my breath or I’d turn blue and pass out.


Pelosi holding off vote looks like a good reason for us to vote the Demorats out of office. Or you can go back to Obuma days of no jobs or multiple jobs just to get by. Just proves that the Demorats don’t care about the American worker. Proof Positive.

Dave Hardesty

Seems that Nancy’s hate of Trump is so great that she’s willing to destroy our nation to unseat him.


In case you haven’t noticed by now it appears Nancy Pelosi’s hate for the president is greater than her love of country. She appears to not be following her oath of office. Or could she be getting money from drug cartels?


Is there nothing Pelosi would put aside her contempt for Trump for – even if it was good for every American and had bi-partisan support? Absolutely not. She’ll run the entire country into the sewer with her antics and continue to blame Trump.


The USMCA was NOT an idea from the Socialists in the House. And, since it was Trump’s idea to improve things here, it must be a bad idea. Cannot have progress under a Republican President the Left hates. Must wait for a Dimwit in the WH to carry out actual regressive and wasteful plans.





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