RNC Slams Obama Admin for Doing ‘Absolutely Nothing About’ Russian Meddling: ‘Completely Dropped the Ball’

The Republican National Committee (RNC) called out the Obama administration for its response to Russian interference during the 2016 presidential election following the release of the report from special counsel Robert Mueller.

Attorney General William Barr released the report Thursday morning, and it outlined the many ways Russian officials attempted and succeded in interfering in the 2016 election by meddling on social media and organizing leaks of sensitive emails.

This interference all occurred when former President Barack Obama oversaw the country from the Oval Office. The RNC alleged that Obama’s administration did “absolutely nothing” to thwart the Russian interference in American democracy:

Now that the entire Mueller report has been released, it’s clear how much President Obama and his administration completely dropped the ball on Russia’s interference in the 2016 campaign. Well before the 2016 election, the Obama admin was aware of Russia’s intentions to interfere in the 2016, and decided to do absolutely nothing about it.

Barr’s summary of the Mueller report noted that Russian interference began as early as 2014 — several months before President Donald Trump announced he would be running for office.

According to the RNC, the Obama administration knew that Russia was interfering by 2016, and it knew the Russians were behind the Democratic National Committee hacks. However, Obama didn’t want to strain U.S.-Russian relations during the Iran deal, so his administration decided to “stand down” instead of firing back at the Russians as they toyed with democracy.

The RNC claimed that the “bottom line” of the Mueller report is that Trump didn’t collude with the Russians and that Obama “failed” to respond when he saw Russian meddling.

“Not only did Mueller confirm that there was no collusion, we also learned the full extent of how much the Obama administration failed to act while Russia messed with America’s electoral process,” the committee stated.

The RNC isn’t alone in questioning the Obama administration’s response. As IJR previously reported, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) also questioned why the Trump campaign wasn’t notified that Russians were trying to infiltrate its campaign. He compared Trump’s treatment to that of Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), who was warned when the U.S. realized her driver had ties to the Chinese government.

As IJR reported earlier, the RNC also called for a probe to see how the investigation into Trump began, noting that it believes it was partisan.

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  1. So now the mueller report is sorta out, what is being done to insure the security of our next election?

  2. The public was informed during public hearings, the FBI alerted BOTH the Trump and Clinton campaign of the possibility of being infiltrated by Russian agents and BOTH campaigns were instructed to contact the FBI if Russian contacts were made. No contacts were reported by the Trump campaign. Apparently Sen Graham is still auditioning for a place in the Trump administration as he apparently is doing his best “I don’t recall” and “I don’t remember.” impersonation.

  3. #44 did not drop the ball; he and Hillary were behind it pushing because SHE was “entitled” to be the POTUS because SHE said so. Being “anointed” and being “elected” are two separate things.

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