GOP Rep Critical of Special Counsel’s Investigation Admits He Hasn’t Read the Mueller Report

Republican members of Congress haven’t been eager to do much with the information outlined in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report, but at least one GOP congressman is admitting he hasn’t read it.

Rep. Rob Woodall (R-Ga.) made the candid admission in a Sunday evening appearance on MSNBC’s “Kasie DC.”

“I have not,” Woodall said when asked by host Kasie Hunt if he had read the report.

Woodall said he trusted Mueller but has “a concern when you put the entire power of the United States Justice Department behind anything you can achieve an agenda.”

Hunt pressed Woodall on his decision not to read the report, citing the ten episodes of possible obstruction outlined in the report. Mueller, explaining at an April press conference that he was bound by DOJ precedent against charging the president with a crime, appeared to punt the issue to Congress to determine how to proceed with the information he had made available.

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

But Woodall remained unconvinced, arguing that the priorities of his constituents were on other issues:

“The constituents I represent don’t want to see criminal activity at any place. They also don’t want to see folks grinding their political axes when there are important economic issues, family issues, education issues, that need to be handled.”

Woodall argued that people are ready to “turn that page” and others are merely digging through the special counsel’s report “looking for something to talk about again tomorrow and next week and the month after that.”

Pressed as to whether he even wanted to read the report as a “concerned, curious citizen,” Woodall shot back that he had not read Ken Starr’s report during the Clinton administration. But Woodall was only a staffer on Capitol Hill during the Clinton impeachment — not a member of Congress tasked with acting as a check on the executive branch.

Woodall has already announced his intention to retire at the end of his current term after narrowly winning reelection in 2018.

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Lorraine Craig
Lorraine Craig

Coward.he doesn’t want to read salacious detail, or to read about criminal activity, so he refuses to read the Mueller report. Idiot, how does he fulfill his legal responsibility as a member of congress. He doesn’t! This clip will exist for his lifetime and his children’s lifetime to show what a coward he was.


It seems that anyone in Congress should damn well read the report.


At least he’s in *ahem* good company. Not a single Dim had read the Mueller report as of the end of May. We’re ten days into June. I wonder if that’s changed.

Phyllis Softa

LOL… You are referring to the very minimal unredacted portions offered by Barr. The redacted version of the report is available TO ALL via online and in hard cover and paperback published reports from various outlets. Have YOU read it yet? It is worthwhile if you are interested in knowing just how many times DJT told you that something reported was “FAKE NEWS” is documented as under oath testimony by the Trump administration officials. Also worthwhile to know the Trump campaign and WH administration gave completely different versions of events publicly than they did under threat of perjury. charge. If… Read more »

Anne Zuidema
Anne Zuidema

Shame on you. Republicans also need to keep the president accountable. I am reading the report. What are you afraid of?

Phyllis Softa

In the event that you have not noticed, TRUTH is not what Trumpers are interested in hearing, reading or acknowledging. If they don’t read it, they have convinced themselves that they won’t be accountable for condoning what is in the report.

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