Robbins Threatens to Sue Buzzfeed Following Latest Story About Sexual Misconduct

After months of explosive and unflattering allegations against him by Buzzfeed, self-help guru Tony Robbins announced Friday that he was suing the online news site.

In a post on Medium, Robbins accused Buzzfeed of launching “a premeditated and malicious campaign against me and my life’s work” for a series of stories over the last seven months alleging he sexually mistreated women, abused his followers, and used racial slurs.

“Far from the watchdogs they once were, too many members of today’s tabloid and entertainment media ignore traditional journalistic ethics, values and standards,” Robbins said.

Robbins did not provide details about the nature of any pending lawsuit or the ground on which it would be, or if it has been, filed.

The lawsuit comes on the day Buzzfeed published a story alleging that Robbins, when he was 25 years old and working at a summer camp in California in 1985, forced himself on female campers as young as 15, groping and kissing them without their consent.

The story is one of seven Buzzfeed has published over the last several months. The stories allege that the “Unlimited Power” author berated victims of rape and abuse during his training sessions, made unwanted sexual overtures to his employees, and forced conference attendees to drink so-called “gross shots” of unidentified brown liquid.

Robbins spokeswoman Jennifer Connelly issued the following statement about the lawsuit Friday afternoon:

Tabloid journalists at BuzzFeed are fueling a cancel culture agenda, abusing their position as “journalists”, and spreading false and destructive narratives. Enough is enough. Tony Robbins is now suing BuzzFeed after their yearlong campaign attacking him personally, his businesses and charitable initiatives.

Mr. Robbins denies BuzzFeed’s latest allegations. Consistent with Mr. Robbins’ denial, the camp’s current and former owners and others present informed us that they recall the alleged 34-year-old incident and completely reject the accuracy of Buzzfeed’s account.

The conduct of BuzzFeed and its reporters is not journalism. The online tabloid has a clear record of manipulating events, memories and accounts to support its series of increasingly absurd and sensationalized claims that maliciously paint Mr. Robbins in a false light.

As one example, two women who were inaccurately labeled as “victims” by Buzzfeed, publicly came forward to correct and refute Buzzfeed’s grossly false reporting of Mr. Robbins. Further, more than two dozen witnesses issued sworn statements disputing the accuracy of BuzzFeed’s reporting and numerous people have called in reports of being harassed and pressured by Buzzfeed reporters to confirm false and inaccurate stories about Mr. Robbins.

Among many breaches of ethics, integrity and honesty, “journalists” at Buzzfeed selectively chose not to report critically salient facts, thus revealing their intention to smear Mr. Robbins. These individuals have tried to intimidate and interfere with Mr. Robbins’ business and philanthropic partners, including a direct attempt to obstruct Mr. Robbins’ long-time relationship with a charity from continuing his ongoing efforts to provide a billion meals to those who are without food.

Sadly, this behavior by Buzzfeed reporters is not new or unique to Mr. Robbins. Consider the charges in another pending lawsuit in which BuzzFeed’s Editor-in-Chief and one of their reporters who has worked on the articles pertaining to Mr. Robbins, are alleged to have, “purposely, consistently, with motive and agenda omit critical facts they were privy to before publishing the articles such that they knew they were not publishing the truth.” That lawsuit also charges BuzzFeed as an organization that “consistently ‘cherry picked’ and intentionally omitted evidence” that didn’t support their already-determined story.

Mr. Robbins refuses to allow this latest attack to distract him from helping and serving millions of people. As the legal action moves forward we are confident that the truth will prevail. Mr. Robbins will remain actively engaged and focused on continuing his decades-long commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

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Hmm…judging by his ACTUAL accomplishments Mr. Robbins 1. lost a lot weight and 2. convinced a lot of people to pay him to talk about it. He’s a modern-day snake oil salesman.

full disclosure: I have a friend who fell for his scam, despite my “advice” and is still working the same dead-end job.





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