Robert De Niro Calls Trump an ‘Idiot’ Despite Ivy League Education at Charity Fundraiser

During a fundraiser for the Fulfillment Fund, actor Robert De Niro took a few swipes at President Donald Trump.

The Fulfillment Fund aids students in educationally and economically under-resourced communities to attend college and De Niro agreed a college education is important.

However, he noted “education without humanity is ignorance” and used Trump as an example.

“Look at our president. He made it through the University of Pennsylvania, so he was exposed to a quality education, but he’s still an idiot,” the actor said. “And he lacks any sense of humanity or compassion.”

When his comment was met with a few “boos,” he said, “no boo, baby, this is for real we’ve got to do something about it.” De Niro added that Trump lacks “any sense of humanity and compassion” and joked that he had to overcome growing up “rich and spoiled.”

Gage Skidmore/Flickr

The actor claimed he didn’t want to turn a non-political event into a political one, but explained that as long as America’s leadership is “corrupt” and “appalling,” he’ll speak out at every chance he gets.

“And it is especially appropriate tonight, Trump treats education as a con — a way to make a profit at the expense of the suckers. Anyone here planning to get their education at Trump University?” De Niro rhetorically asked.

He encouraged young people to not be “discouraged” and to get their degrees from legitimate institutions so they can get an “honest job,” unlike the president. Or, if they become president, they can “restore integrity and dignity to the job.”

De Niro concluded that it would be nice to have a president who young people could admire, but returned the focus back to the Fulfillment Fund and said founders Gary and Cherna Gitnick are great role models.

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