Robert De Niro Says It’s ‘Like Living in an Abusive Household’ Under Trump’s Leadership

Tom Brenner/Reuters

Actor Robert De Niro isn’t letting up on his bashing of President Donald Trump.

During Monday’s “Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert,” De Niro took aim at Trump’s presidency, as he said, “It’s more than heartbreaking, it’s a really, really serious situation we’re in.”

He then suggested that having Trump as the President of the United States is “like living in an abusive household.”

“It’s like living in an abusive household. You don’t know what’s going to happen next, what crazy thing is going to happen next, what’s going to make you say, ‘What the hell is going on?’”

De Niro added that the “truth is not from [Trump], that’s for sure.”

The actor also claimed Trump is “fake”:

“He is a fake president. Well, he calls everything ‘fake’ because he knows he’s fake. So he’s projecting … Somewhere deep down, I don’t wanna get all psychological, but that really is what I feel it is.”

Watch the video below:

This isn’t the “Goodfellas” actor’s first time taking a swing at Trump and his presidency. De Niro has been vocal about his distaste for Trump, previously calling Trump’s presidency “disgraceful” and that it’s “one of the worst that I have ever seen.”

As IJR previously reported, Colbert has also expressed that he misses the feeling of being proud of being an American.

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So wise and so brave. He goes on Colbert to attack the President. Has he not been informed that most Americans are ” I want to vomit” sick, of being told what celebrities think about anything? I’d like to watch him smash every T.V. in his house on election night when Trump is re-elected.


Gee Bobby, you are literally saying you’re too hapless and stupid to extricate yourself from an “abusive” relationship. I guess your millions mean nothing.

This demeans ACTUAL sufferers, mostly women.

They can choose to leavem but lack your means. So can you. Your simile makes you look less macho and more like a schnook. Show us your scars and bruises if you’re going to exploit the genuine pain of people, especially women, who ARE ACTUALLY ABUSED.

You are a pathetic exploiter, just like Lizzie Warren.


I recall, not that long ago, when being proud to be an American was not dependent on being proud of the President.





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