Robyn Gardner’s Sister Faces Man She Believes Killed Her Sister in Aruba. When He Asks For a Hug…

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Danielle Colson-Unglesbee stopped watching television for nine months after her sister, Robyn Gardner, disappeared during an unannounced trip to Aruba. She was tired of the media, and she wanted to grieve.

Then on Friday night, Colson-Unglesbee uncharacteristically appeared on the controversial premiere of Fox’s new television court series, “You the Jury.” She wanted to confront the man she believes killed her sister.

Toward the end of the episode, Colson-Unglesbee sat across from Gary Giordano and told him:

“You’re a monster in my eyes. All of the evidence presented here today proves that you are guilty. And today, you must take responsibility for it. You try to deny your actions, but you are just covering old lies with new lies. I hope America can see you for the coward you really are.”

When it was Giordano’s turn to speak, he offered an apology but again denied that he killed Gardner. He asked if he could cross the stage to give her a hug.

After a pause, Colson-Unglesbee shook her head. “No,” she said.

She wasn’t ready to forgive just yet.

In July 2011, People reports, Gardner had just lost her job. She told her boyfriend at the time, Robert Forrester, that she was going on a family trip to Orlando. Instead, she was in Aruba with Giordano.

Gardner and Giordano had met on the website Adult Friend Finder, reports the Daily Mail.

Giordano took out a travel insurance policy for the two of them before they left the state of Maryland, including a $1.5 million accidental death policy.

Then, two days into the trip, Giordano said he was at the beach with Gardner when she was carried out to sea and never seen again.

The Aruban police arrested him when he tried to file for the insurance claim and flee the country. He was jailed for three months but was never charged.

Giordano was the only person police ever suspected for Gardner’s mysterious disappearance and assumed death. His friends suspected that he might’ve run into some financial problems a few months earlier.

But there wasn’t enough evidence to charge and convict him of her murder.

Two years after she went missing, Aruban officials told WTOP they still believe he’s guilty but that the open case had run cold:

“The case is still open, and we accuse him of murder, kidnapping, and fraud.”

Colson-Unglesbee told WTOP that she still hoped her sister would return. Her family was also in an insurance battle to keep Giordano from getting the money.

In 2014, Colson-Unglesbee was given the chance to meet Giordano. She sat face-to-face in front of a studio audience on the set of “Dr. Phil.”

She accused him on public television of killing her sister for money:

“I think he’s the snake and the devil. He didn’t get the insurance, so that’s why he wrote the book. He’s trying to make money.”

Giordano told Dr. Phil that he was the victim and promoted the launch of his new book.

Without enough evidence to convict him in a criminal court, Colson-Unglesbee decided to take her chances on “You the Jury” and sue him for damages.

Joe Tacopina, Colson-Unglesbee’s lawyer on “You the Jury,” told Radar that his client held back tears during filming:

“Robyn’s sister did a phenomenal job of being composed, well-spoken and very articulate but looking in the eyes of the guy she believes is responsible for her sister’s death. More than one time I had to reach down and give her tissues.”

But by the end of the episode, she was relieved.

While the television court show might not have been the closure she was hoping for, Colson-Unglesbee finally had the chance to look her monster in the eye and charge him with murder while the rest of the world watched.

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