Roger Stone’s Court Date Went South as He Took the Stand: ‘I Am Kicking Myself Over My Own Stupidity’

Joe Skipper/Reuters

Roger Stone, the longtime political activist who has declared one of his life mottos to be “attack, attack, attack — never defend,” was defensive on Thursday when he appeared in a Washington, D.C., courtroom and was forced to answer for a post on his Instagram account in which he targeted the judge.

Here’s the image that Stone put to Instagram:

On Thursday, Stone called the post “an egregious, stupid error.” He also said he’s “been treated for emotional stress.”

“I am kicking myself over my own stupidity, not as much as my wife is kicking me,” Stone said at another point in the hearing, according to NBC News. “[…] I heard political commentators talking about the likelihood that I’ll be raped in prison. It’s been a stressful situation. I’m having a hard time putting food on the table and making rent.”

Prosecutors said that they don’t believe there’s anything genuine about the former Trump aide’s apology. A government lawyer said that even after Stone posted the photo and realized it was a bad idea to post a picture of the judge overseeing his case, he “continued to make statements to the media that amplified that message.”

Stone managed to get out without landing in prison, though Judge Amy Berman Jackson did say that this is his last chance. Instead of sending him to jail, she tightened the gag order on Stone so that he’s no longer allowed to talk about the case at all.

Previously, Stone had been doing a string of media appearances that amounted to something of a low-key publicity campaign. Immediately after being indicted, he appeared on the fringe-right internet conspiracy show Infowars where he pledged to plead not guilty, and a few hours later, he was on Fox News being interviewed by Tucker Carlson.

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