Roger Stone’s Staff Responds to Arrest: ‘Straight Out of the Gestapo’s Playbook’

After long-time Republican operative Roger Stone’s arrest on Friday, his staff issued a scathing rebuke of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation and defended his innocence.

As IJR previously noted, Mueller indicted Stone, a long-time ally of President Donald Trump, on multiple counts including, five for making false statements.

Early on Friday, his staff used his Instagram account to liken the arrest to tactics used by an infamous, Nazi-era police force:

“This morning’s news is deeply saddening,” the staff wrote. “Robert Mueller’s early morning raid was straight out of the gestapo’s playbook. We must fight for Roger Stone… now more than ever. If they can do this to Roger… they are coming for us next!”

The post included a photo throwback to the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” “Who Framed Roger Stone?” the picture asked.

His staff also linked to a fundraising page for people to help Stone pay his hefty legal fees. “His legal fees in this epic fight could top $2 million, threatening to destroy him and his family,” the site read.

Stone’s was yet another controversial indictment in Mueller’s investigation into potential Russian meddling in the 2016 elections. It came just after Stone appeared on Fox News where he told host Tucker Carlson that despite not receiving any formal accusations at the time, he underwent a “draining” process that was “financially devastating.”

Watch his interview below:

He described how the FBI “browbeat” his employees and said he believed all of his 2016 texts, emails and phone calls had been “scrutinized.” “I’ve been under a two-year microscope in which every aspect of my life has been examined,” he said.

He added that the controversy surrounding the investigation had “devastated” his private consulting business, prompted him to lose his health and life insurance, forced him to sell his car, and lose money from the college fund he created for his grandchildren.

The Mueller investigation reportedly took a toll on former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s finances as well. Flynn reportedly tried selling his house last year in order to pay for the legal fees associated with the investigation. His family also set up a defense fund that received thousands of donations supporting him.

As IJR previously noted, the investigation cost taxpayers a large sum as well. The Justice Department reported in December that the probe cost nearly $25 million.

“And today, there is still no evidence of Russian collusion, Wikileaks collaboration, or any other illegal-acting connection with the 2016 election, or anything else,” Stone said on Wednesday.

The Stone indictment said that he tipped off the campaign that Wikileaks — an organization suspected to have ties with Russia — would release potentially damaging information about Trump’s Democratic opponent.

According to NBC News, the indictment accused Stone of making false statements about his interactions with Wikileaks, thereby obstruction Congress’s investigation into the issue.

Stone previously distanced himself from Wikileaks and claimed he had “no advanced knowledge of the source, content, or the exact disclosure timing” of the releases.

Watch below:

Watch more of his comments below (around 4:40):

On Twitter, some offered conflicting analyses of what the indictment actually showed:

In a statement, Stone’s attorney said his client would fight the charges and that it was unfair to accuse him of lying.

President Donald Trump appeared to respond on Friday morning, continuing to label the investigation as a “Witch Hunt.”

“Greatest Witch Hunt in the History of our Country!” he tweeted. “NO COLLUSION!”

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I’ve seen the FBI (OIG) cowboys in action, up close and personal; they’ll get their evidence with intimidation, and it need not be germane to the charge they’ve preordained as appropriate. Stone, an American, is though not easily intimidated. Hilary’s (high) treasonous behavior was watered down to ‘extremely careless’; Stone’s innocuous behavior is puffed up to ‘obstruction’. Is there obstruction of justice when there is no justice to be obstructed?


His cries about unfairly being put under a microscope is humorous. You either broke the law or you didn’t.

Isn’t that what people say to others who complain about being unfairly targeted by police for their race or people they associate with?

The only difference is this guy has enough money to make people listen when he raises his hand to complain.





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