Rand Paul Thinks It’s Good Romney Isn’t Planning a 2020 Challenge Because He’d Be ‘Wiped Out’ Anyway

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Senator Rand Paul defended President Donald Trump after a recent op-ed by Mitt Romney was published.

The op-ed criticized Trump and his character, claiming that he was not uniting the nation but has done more to divide it. However, Paul came to the president’s defense, saying that Romney’s criticism was causing more division.

“I think calling the president dishonest … is not productive and I think it’s going to backfire on him,” said Paul in an interview with Fox News.

He also pointed out that the timing may not have been ideal for the recently elected politician.

“That’s a bad way for him to start in the Senate,” Paul said. “I think it’s going to spoil relations between his representation of Utah and the President.”

Although Paul has also criticized the president in the past, he claimed that it was because “things are different and the tenor is different when you’re competing for the same office in the same election.”


He also pointed out that he criticized policy decisions and Trump’s insults instead of going after his character like Romney did.

“I had some choice words and I still have some choice disagreements with the president on occasion,” said Paul. “But since he’s been elected president, I try not to have personal character assassination or attacks on him and I try to work with him.”

Romney has stated he is not considering a 2020 run, Paul is confident that Romney would have no chance of winning in a potential campaign against Trump.

“If there were an election between Donald Trump in a primary and Romney, I think Romney would be wiped out.”

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All of the Dem.’s & Rino’s will be wiped out. None are anywhere close to a match against President Trump!





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