Romney’s Attacks on Trump Starting to Grate on His Fellow Republicans

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Sen. Mitt Romney’s (R-Utah) unrelenting attacks on President Donald Trump are beginning to wear thin on his fellow Republicans in the Senate, with some now openly suggesting that the former presidential contender may be motivated more by bitterness than bravado and principle.

In a broadside in the pages of The Hill newspaper published Thursday, several of Romney’s colleagues said the Utah Republican’s diatribes against the President are not helping the Republican cause.

Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), one of Trump’s more ardent supporters on Capitol Hill, told the paper that Romney may harbor unresolved feelings about losing his bid for the Presidency in 2012 to incumbent Barack Obama.

“Because one election didn’t turn out the way that Mitt wanted it to turn out, he’s critical of the president,” Inhofe said. “I’m not pleased with it.”

While generally laudatory of his long record of public service and chummy with him behind closed doors, some senators are starting to snipe at him in public for his broadsides against the president.

One likened him to an armchair quarterback booing the team when the going gets tough.

“It’s awfully easy to sit in the stands and be critical of the people on the field,” Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.) said.

Perdue also smacked down the notion, often repeated by Romney, that Republicans are too scared of the President to speak their mind.

“We’re all quite capable of having a voice,” Perdue said.

Romney’s supporters counter that the freshman senator is more motivated by patriotism and the long-term prospects of the Republican party than in keeping his seat.

“He’s more concerned about his legacy in terms of his family, his faith, his country and his party than about this place,” a Republican source told The Hill.

Romney’s sniping also appears to be getting under the president’s skin.

In a lengthy tirade during a cabinet meeting earlier this week, Trump raged against the “vicious” adversaries hell-bent on removing him from office.

“They don’t have Mitt Romney in their midst — they don’t have people like that,” he said of his Democratic opponents.

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Mitt you are a sore LOSER. Trump did what you and McCain couldn’t do. Get over it. Time to stand up for the people that put you in office, and stop letting your hurt feelings get in your way. Stop being a spoil brat. Grow up and do the right thing and defend OUR president that your voters voted into office.


Romney’s statements against Trump are ‘starting” to bother Republicans? Trump is the PARTY LEADER..they should tell Romney to go join the Democrats so they can run a REAL REPUBLICAN for that spot.

Joyce Duke

Deep state establishment traitor’s anti American attitude should be grating on every patriotic Americans’ nerves by this time. It isn’t they just haven’t been paying attention to what has been going on for the 5 or 7 decades!

General Confusion

“An awful lot of DOWN votes from those who usually disagree with your blather.” Confused James

As you know, Confused James, IJR is broken, so all down votes show up at my end as up-votes. If you actually want me to see down-votes, you have to up-vote my comments.

Joyce Duke

Mitt Romney is a one world global government, aka the new world order INSIDER same as Hillary & Obama, Clinton’s & both Bush’s!


mitt will never get over the fact that President Trump did what he couldn’t do. poor baby


Romney lost an election that was his to lose. He lost to Obama was bullied and could not get the job done because he was not enough of a fighter. Man needs to shut up.

Willie Horton

Romney is no republican





Stephanie Grisham

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