Best Moments From WH Doctor’s Press Briefing on Trump’s Health: ‘It’s Called Genetics’

White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson stopped by Tuesday’s press briefing to answer questions on President Donald Trump’s first physical since taking office, which resulted in a slew of awkward moments.

Members of the press pushed Jackson on the president’s mental health, exercise routine, waist size, diet, and how much longer he has to live.

Jackson’s assessment of the president found Trump to be in “excellent health,” but many members of the press wondered how this could be the case considering his lack of exercise.

“Does the president do anything at all right now in terms of exercise?” Jackson was asked.

“I would say right now on a day-to-day basis, he doesn’t have a dedicated, defined exercise program,” the White House doctor said. “Some people exercise. Some people don’t,” he added, stating that he plans to work with the president in the next year on a workout program.

“Can you explain to me how a guy who eats McDonald’s and fried chicken and all those Diet Cokes and never exercises is in as good of shape as he’s in?” asked a reporter.

“It’s called genetics,” the White House doctor replied. “I don’t know. Some people have great genes.

“I told the president that if he had a healthier diet over the last 20 years, he might live to be 200 years old,” he added. “[…] If I didn’t watch what I eat, I wouldn’t have the cardiac and overall health that he has.”

The White House doctor was also asked, after assessing the president, what he believed Trump’s life expectancy currently is. “Do you have a life expectancy range for him based on his results?” Jackson was asked.

“As far as life expectancy, I’ll say he probably won’t live to be 200. But I don’t know. I think his life expectancy is … the same as every other American male right now,” the doctor replied.

Another note from the nearly hourlong briefing with the White House doctor: Trump sometimes takes Ambien.

According to Jackson, the president, “as we all do sometimes,” takes “some Ambien” when he travels to help with sleep. The doctor added that while he didn’t specifically ask the president, he does believe Trump doesn’t get enough sleep.

“I would say he sleeps four to five hours a night,” he said.

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