Roseanne Defends Supporting Trump to Jimmy Kimmel: ‘You All Went So F***ing Far Out’

Comedian and actor Roseanne Barr stood up for those who support President Donald Trump this week, telling ABC’s late-night host Jimmy Kimmel the progressive left “lost everyone.”

In response to her comments Thursday night, explaining her support for Trump, Kimmel told Barr, “I’m shocked, because I know you were a very liberal, socially liberal person in general.”

“I’m still the same — you all moved!” Barr shot back. “You all went so f**king far out, you lost everyone!”

The star of the revived “Roseanne” sitcom told Kimmel a lot of people — including many in his audience — “don’t want to see our president fail,” even if they didn’t vote for him.

Barr’s comments about Trump came after Kimmel asked the actor about the current political divide in the U.S., given her eponymous character on “Roseanne” is a Trump supporter while others in the show’s family are not.

The rebooted series, it turns out, is much like Barr’s real life.

“Everybody’s family is pissed off at each other about one thing or the other. … We had some pro-Hillarys and some pro-Trumps, and there was a lot of fighting,” Barr said, later recalling one of her daughters, whom she told to “just chill,” crying when Trump won.

If voters don’t like what’s happening, Barr told Kimmel, they need to “get out there and vote.”

“It’s up to us to do our jobs as citizens and if we don’t like something, you know, let them know you don’t like it and then you’ve got another election in two years,” she said.

At the very end of the segment, Barr told Kimmel, “I’m getting in so much trouble.”

“No, you’re not getting in trouble,” Kimmel replied. “Listen, you’re expressing your views, as crazy as they may be.”

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