Rosie Told Reporters She Still Loves & Misses Her Daughter. Then Chelsea Revealed Rosie’s Texts…

Rosie O’Donnell recently attended a gala for an organization that she runs for children in theater. She was joined by friend and former rumored love interest Tatum O’Neal, along with her kids: Parker, 20, Blake, 15, and Vivienne, 12.

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4 of my 5 #family #onWEgrow

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However, one family member was not in attendance: O’Donnell’s 18-year-old daughter Chelsea, who made headlines this past summer after Rosie reported her missing.

The 53-year-old comedian and talk show host expressed dismay, both on social media and to the press, over Chelsea’s glaring absence at the event Monday night. She even told US Weekly on the red carpet:

“Yes, all of my kids except Chelsea [are here],”

“Which is sad, but hopefully, there will come a day when she’ll want to come.”

So, it sound as though Rosie is both calm and remorseful.

According to Chelsea, however, not so much.

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Chelsea sat down with “Inside Edition” and shared a recent, virulent text sparring between herself and Rosie.

After hearing the 18-year-old’s admission that she no longer loves Rosie, the comic fired off a text that read:

“I don’t love you either.”

Followed shortly by:

“We r done.”


“You are not my kid anymore.”

“Life is better with you gone – sad but true.”

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my beautiful Chelsea Belle #speedy

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Lastly, Rosie sent her an ominous warning:

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Rosie’s anger didn’t stop at Chelsea; the comedian also reportedly lashed out at Chelsea’s birth mother, Deanna Micoley. The teenager is currently living at Deanna’s house.

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After Deanna apparently told Rosie her behavior wasn’t very loving, or maternal, Rosie wrote:

“ur heroin addiction [expletive] her up from birth – junkie – crawl away… She has been damaged from day 1 and it’s tragic.”

Deanna asserts that, according to records, Chelsea was born “perfectly healthy,” and there are records proving there were no drugs in her system.

No word on if Rosie has responded to this latest public tussle.

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