Rubio Slams Dem Congresswoman Who Made ‘Silly’ Claim That Democratic Change in Venezuela Is a ‘US-Backed Coup’

Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) called out Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) for her opposition to the political changes in Venezuela.

Rubio has been one of former Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s loudest critics. The senator has repeatedly called out the Maduro administration for their corruption and the mistreatment of the Venezuelan people.

Maduro’s predecessor Hugo Chavez put in place a series of socialist policies that eventually crumbled as oil prices fell and the government started running out of other people’s money, leaving the people of Venezuela without access to basic necessities.

For years, Rubio has been shining a spotlight on Maduro’s conduct and regularly made calls for his removal from power.

Maduro has made several moves to undermine democracy in Venezuela. Rigging elections and bribing starving voters with food are some of the less violent tactics Maduro used to stay in power. He has also been investigated for killing his political opponents.

Because Venezuela’s National Assembly does not see the recent election of Maduro to be valid, they used their constitutional power to call the election illegitimate and set in motion a new election. The assembly has 45 days to hold new presidential elections and, in the meantime, the head of the assembly, Juan Guaido, will act as interim president.

Maduro, however, has refused to go along with the National Assembly and still believes he is the rightful president. This leadership dispute left the rest of the world with the decision of who they want to acknowledge as the rightful government of Venezuela.

As IJR previously reported, President Donald Trump has announced his support of the National Assembly and has acknowledged that Guaido is the interim president of Venezuela until they hold the pending election.

Despite Maduro’s reputation of being a dictator who is starving his people rigging elections, not everyone was thrilled that the United States picked a side in the Venezuelan dispute.

Rep. Omar was one of the most vocal critics. She called the chaos in Venezuela a “U.S.-backed coup.”

She claimed that the U.S. should listen to the Venezuelan Supreme Court — that was stacked by Maduro’s supporters — and oppose the National Assembly because the courts claimed it was unconstitutional. She also claimed the U.S. could help the people of Venezuela by lifting sanctions and the Maduro regime more money to mismanage.

During an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” host Jake Tapper asked Rubio for a response to Omar’s claims that this is a “U.S.-backed coup.”


“This is not a U.S.-backed anything. I didn’t see any Americans in the street in Venezuela when hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Venezuelans took to the streets on the 23rd. This is Juan Guaido and the National Assembly, which was lawfully elected under the Constitution of Venezuela — by the way, a constitution put in place by Hugo Chavez —they followed the constitution. […] That was all their law. They followed it. The U.S. simply supported the democratic institutions, along with, by the way, 16 counties in the region.”

Rubio chalked up Omar’s comments to a blind disrespect for any action taken by President Trump.

“This is us supporting the people of Venezuela who want their constitution and democracy followed. That’s a fact and anyone who chooses to ignore it because they don’t like Donald Trump, that’s silly,” said Rubio.

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Am I the only one asking why we are providing free medical care to invaders? Don’t we have CITIZENS who should first benefit from this squandering of our tax dollars?

q.v. the recent outbreak of measles in southwest WA which has been directly traced to illegal immigrants. No mention was made of the outbreak of sexual or parasitic diseases linked to them, but it’s there if one researches beyond the superficial narrative served up by the MSM.


Ms. Omar is sadly wrong. This is showing support for a leader who will not continue the proven-wrong Socialist policies that have rendered Venezuela a shithole. It is in no way a regime change. We’d need to send troops for that.

David James

I have doubts about the US getting involved in other countries’ politics, but Venezuela does need to rid itself of that commie, so I support our President.





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