Rudy Giuliani Roasted by Hillary at Al Smith Dinner — but All People Could Talk About Was His Reaction

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was clearly not amused by Hillary Clinton’s joke targeting him at the Alfred E. Smith Dinner on Thursday night.

“Many don’t know this, but Rudy actually got his start as a prosecutor going after wealthy New Yorkers who avoided paying taxes,” Clinton said. “But as the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, go on Fox News and call him a genius.”

The joke was clearly meant to mock Giuliani’s decision to support Trump for president.

The camera quickly cut to Giuliani for a reaction shot. The look on his face really says it all.

Image credit: MSNBC/Twitter
Image credit: MSNBC/Twitter

The Al Smith dinner gave both Clinton and Donald Trump a chance to roast each other a little bit with the election just weeks away.

Trump was booed several times during his remarks, once when he called Clinton “corrupt” and again when he joked that she doesn’t like Catholics.

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