Rudy Guiliani Forgot His iPhone Password and Had to Go to an Apple Store to Have It Unlocked

Shannon Stapleton/File Photo/Reuters

President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani is famous for making bone-headed moves; last week, he butt-dialed an NBC reporter. But that still isn’t a wild as one newly reported day — Giuliani forgetting his iPhone password and being forced to go to an Apple store to have them unlock it.

Giuliani went to an Apple store in 2017 and had to have the employees unlock the phone. At the time, he was Trump’s cybersecurity adviser. NBC reported that Giuliani was locked out of his phone because he’d forgotten his password and entered the wrong passcode at least 10 times.

MSNBC was even provided with notes from Giuliani’s trip to the Apple store.

Trump seems to have separated himself from Giuliani but it’s not clear exactly what their current arrangement is. When asked earlier this month if Giuliani is still his lawyer, Trump said, “I don’t know.”

Giuliani is also under scrutiny after two of his contacts were arrested on election meddling charges.

Giuliani has attempted to downplay his connection to Ukrainians Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman. The duo has pleaded not guilty to the charges. They’re charged with breaking campaign finance laws that bar foreign nationals from putting money in the U.S. elections.

The former New York Mayor has become one of the president’s most vocal supporters and is known for revealing previously unreported details on national television. During one appearance on Fox News, Giuliani famously admitted that Trump had paid a woman to keep quiet about an alleged affair.

Of course, Trump has gone through a string of lawyers during his time in the White House. Giuliani is only one of the latest attorneys to represent the president. Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, is currently in prison for charges that resulted from his work with Trump.

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General Confusion

Incompetence is one of the classic signs of fascism. A Dear Leader hires based on loyalty or family affiliation, not competence.


Too err is human. Using Apple products is something else. Hmm…Podesta got “phished”. HIllary used an unauthorized/illegal server for classified mail. Some Congressional Dims questioning Zuckerberg were amazed that his model accepts ads to pay for things. The worst part of the technocrats and know-it-alls in Washington is that they try run things they know NOTHING about. q.v. Obozocare, throwing money at “renewables”. This is the Dunning-Kruger effect writ large. They are too arrogant and ignorant to call on experts or those who work in the industries. Interesting how so many Socialist programs failed because central planning know nothing except… Read more »





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