‘A Garbage Sandwich’: MSNBC’s Ruhle Slams Trump Foreign Policy Mishaps

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle bashed President Donald Trump’s foreign policy decisions on Tuesday, arguing that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is too often left to clean up the White House’s blunders with other world leaders as the president aides enemies and undermines allies.

During her show Tuesday morning, Ruhle addressed reports that North Korea may still be building nuclear missiles despite leader Kim Jong Un’s agreement with Trump to work toward denuclearization.

Ruhle criticized Pompeo’s recent assertion that the U.S. hasn’t been “taken for a ride” in negotiations with Pyongyang, and she argued that “there’s a pretty big gap” between Pompeo’s comments and Trump’s overly optimistic outlook on U.S. relations with North Korea.

Ruhle went on to question whether Trump’s one-on-one meetings with leaders are making diplomacy harder for his team, explaining that Pompeo has constantly been working to clarify the president’s intentions and policies when it comes to ties to hostile nations.

“Do you guys remember when Mike Pompeo first went and had that surprise meeting in North Korea?” Ruhle asked her panel of guests. “And across the board people said what a great development? Since then he has been handed a garbage sandwich, and he has to clean up so much.”

Watch Stephanie Ruhle discuss Trump’s foreign policy on MSNBC below:

Bloomberg Opinion Editor Tim O’Brien responded by arguing that Trump is more concerned about his own ego than about “managing processes.”

O’Brien asserted that Trump only wants to work in areas where he can operate independently from other branches of government, despite being what he called “a deeply ill-informed man.”

Ruhle jumped in on the attacks on Trump, saying that the president “isn’t winning for the American people” by meeting with world leaders and trying to smooth tensions with countries like North Korea, Russia, and Iran.

On Monday, Trump offered to meet with Iranian leader Hassan Rouhani without preconditions in an effort to ease diplomatic ties between the nations as new sanctions take effect on Iran’s government.

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