Limbaugh Raises $3 Million ‘and Counting’ for Charity Selling Betsy Ross Shirts After Nike Controversy

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh announced that the Betsy Ross-themed shirt he is selling on his website raised over $3 million for a charity following the controversy generated by Nike and former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

During an interview with “Fox and Friends” on Monday, Limbaugh was asked by the hosts about his new Betsy Ross flag-inspired shirt, which benefits the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

Limbaugh said that he did not think “there was any reason to tear down the flag,” the nation’s “history,” and “Betsy Ross,” and pointed to the recent controversy from Kaepernick and Nike where the shoe giant pulled a Betsy Ross flag-themed shoe from stores after the former quarterback claimed the footwear was offensive because of its connection to the time when slavery was legal in the U.S.

The conservative radio host went on to say that “people are tired of this” and that they wanted “a mechanism” to “push back” with.

“Well, the bottom line is we don’t think there’s any reason to tear down the flag. There’s no reason to tear down our history, and certainly there’s no reason to tear down Betsy Ross. She’s an American hero, maybe one of the first feminists.

So the thing happens with Nike […] People are tired of this, guys. They’re tired. They want a mechanism by way which they could push back.”

Watch the video here:

Limbaugh went on to say that the donations made through the shirts had reached $3 million “and counting” as of Monday.

“We partnered, as you say, with Tunnel to Towers. We would have been thrilled if we had been able to move 50,000 shirts and send that money over to Tunnel to Towers,” continued Limbaugh. “[…] Today, we’re going to announce that the donation to Tunnel to Towers is now up to $3 million and counting!”

The Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation is a charity that helps military veterans and first responders who “continue to make the supreme sacrifice of life and limb for our country,” as well as their families.


  1. I bought one. Would have been enough just to screw with liberals but to be able to help gold star families and first responders is an even greater win. Yes You can have your cake and eat it too.

    1. Please give your motive some thought. WHY would liberals give a hoot if you have a Betsy Ross flag shirt? I consider myself a liberal and I consider your support of gold star families and first responders an admirable act. It is my personal position that I do not need or want a token in return for a charitable donation. But I could not care less if you do. It is a free country of many positions on many issues.

      1. Join the discussion…Well, I bought 2 of them and I don’t give a hoot about you or your communist party syphilis. It was YOUR party that tried to degrade Betsy Ross and call her what you and your party really are……..RACIST!!!

  2. Bob – I personally lack the willpower and follow through to participate in boycotts. I’m horridly lazy when it comes to my pocketbook activism. Does that mean i can leave the communist corner now?

  3. Screwtape – the left has had several successful boycotts. Most times they target sponsors or advertising.

    Just as with conservatives targeting Nike, ChickFilA wasn’t a successful boycott because they likely didn’t eat there to begin with.

    1. Join the discussion…If you call successful trying to destroy businesses and ruin people’s lives, then yes, you have been successful. You and the whole of your communist party only want power and will do anything to get it.

  4. I’m a long time supporter of TTT foundation. They do great work. Please support them and Rush by purchasing a patriotic shirt through Rush’s website to show America our strength and support of our values.

  5. Here’s the thing:

    Limbaugh sells tee shirts to a certain market, they are made in USA, and follow labor/environmental regulations. They donate the profits to charity.

    Nike listens to a loser and chooses to cater to a younger, urban market, basically saying “screw you” to other market segments. They use sweatshop labor and ignore environmental regulations. It keeps the profits.

    Did the MSM recently say something about “un-American” practices? Not that the idiot consumers of Nike give a damn.

    1. Just curious, WHERE is it that you believe Trump shirt & ties and Ivanka’s clothing line WERE manufactured? Trump Org online shopping site currently lists 268 items but only 41 are designated as made in the USA. Not that Trump consumers care.

  6. Phil,

    Nike pulled their SNEAKERS from the market, despite the sunk costs of making them. They could care less about tee shirts not Nike.

  7. To Phyllis (and Morte206)

    Phil, continuing the War on Women? Too lazy to do the research?

    Betsy Ross was multiply-widowed. She not only apprenticed (a normally male practice in Colonial times) but operated her business EQUALLY with her first husband. She continued after his death as a Revolutionary soldier. She had her own battle for independence, including being “excommunicated” from her Quaker community for choosing a partner who was Church of England.

    She raised a family during her subsequent marriages AND continued to operate the business on her own.

    What is there NOT to celebrate about this independent, hardworking mother. In modern terms “she had it all”.

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