A Russian News Network Is Trolling Hillary Clinton, Democrats With These Ads in the Moscow Airport

Pictures of a politically spicy ad campaign inside the Moscow airport caught fire online this weekend.

The images, which first surfaced on Reddit, show large advertisements hanging in the terminal of the Moscow airport that troll Democrats, Hillary Clinton, and the Trump-Russian collusion theory. The signs also ask for passengers who have missed a flight or “lost an election” to “blame it on us!”

Missed a plane? Lost an election? Blame it on us!


The longer you watch, the more upset Hillary Clinton becomes:


Come closer and find out who we are planning to hack next:


Point taken:


A spokesperson for the state-funded Russian news network, Russia Today, has confirmed to Independent Journal Review that the ad campaign is “absolutely” real and that their network is indeed sponsoring the ads in the airport.

The cloud of potential Russian collusion with the Trump campaign has hounded the early days of the administration. Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin have both vehemently denied the charges. Recently, Donald Trump’s son, Don Jr., revealed that he met with a Russian lawyer during the campaign after the promise of receiving opposition research on Hillary Clinton. Trump and the Administration have defended the meeting as standard political practice.

An ongoing special investigation into the Trump campaign and potential inappropriate dealings with Russia is currently being conducted by an FBI Special Council.

American broadcast media has received heavy criticism from the administration for its “obsession” with the theory. Studies show that the vast majority of the reporting done on the Donald Trump administration by broadcast news networks was over the Russian probe. However, it seems at least one news site is taking the investigation a little less seriously.