Outpouring of Support for Ruth Bader Ginsburg After Fall Leaves Justice With Three Broken Ribs

After a fall at the Supreme Court on Wednesday left Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with three broken ribs, thousands of people took to Twitter to wish a full and speedy recovery to the 85-year-old justice.

A statement from the Supreme Court Office of Public Information explained that Ginsburg went to her home on Wednesday evening after the fall in her office but was admitted to the hospital at George Washington University on Thursday morning for observation and treatment after experiencing discomfort overnight.

Both politicians and adoring fans took to Twitter after the news broke on Thursday to offer support for Ginsburg.

Valerie Jarrett called Ginsburg “a true force of nature” and wished her a speedy recovery:

Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) said he was keeping Ginsburg in his thoughts.

And Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) suggested that she could take a break from her famous workout routine for just a bit:

“We need you more than ever now,” former Sen. Barbara Boxer wrote. Boxer was a member of the Senate when Ginsburg was first nominated to the court by former President Bill Clinton in 1993.

“A nation sends its collective wishes for your health and full recovery,” actor George Takei wrote.

And a number of Twitter users even offered their ribs to help with Ginsburg’s recovery:

The Supreme Court Office of Public Information said Thursday that updates on Ginsburg’s condition would be released as they become available.


  1. Ruth, there comes a time when our job is over. After falling, breaking 3 ribs, 85 yrs old, you need to step down. Dont be a”im going to do it or die” ,like John mccain with brain cancer, voting on something as important as healthcare. Why do we not have term limits on you guys!!!

  2. I will never agree with Ginsburg’s rulings or her less-than-subtly racist and sexist clerkships, but she’s old and suffering for it. She’s “survived” cancer twice, recently had a stent, and now her fragility is becoming a liability to her office. She’s fuc*ing 85 and petite. Can we say crippling osteoporosis?

    I’d feel sorry for her, but she’s fighting stubbornly a partisan battle. Her inevitable death or sidelining due to incapacity WILL leave a vacancy. Ginsburg won’t be napping.

    1. Dave, being a true Gemini,you have no idea about the internal conflict I went through to post the “nice” comment I posted. The “other guy” had a post much closer to yours. Yee Ha!

    2. Being a Libra, high-function ASD, and a sociopath I say “Good.” Ruth has (almost) literally outlived the philosophies that got her into office. Please let common sense let her leave office to enjoy time with her family.

      Ruth, your husband is dead. Your buddy Antonin as well. Lay down your sword and enjoy time with your family, unless they mean less to you than your “fight”. Stubborness CAN be sefl-defeating.

  3. Being an older person who just suffered a broken arm in a fall, and a person who disagrees with your opinion more often than he agrees with it, have a speedy and restful recovery Justice Ginsburg

    1. Also being a “mature” citizen I realize getting older isn’t for sissies. (looking over my fistful of meds).

      No broken or dislocated joints. Yet. Maybe I’m lucking considering the fights, motorcycle accidents, roof falls, or active life I lead.

      I also wish Justice Ginsburg a good recovery. She’s led a long life and should not suffer at the end.

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