TMZ Catches Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the Airport — And She Says She’s Doing ‘Just Fine’

Jonathan Ernst/File Photo/Reuters

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg flew into Washington, D.C., on Monday ahead of her return to the bench this week, and a TMZ cameraman was there to catch her.

RBG briefly caught up with TMZ, answering the cameraman’s concern about her wellbeing.

“Just fine,” Ginsburg responded when asked how she was doing.

The justice ignored a subsequent question about the success of “On the Basis of Sex,” a new biopic about her life that was written by her nephew.

Watch the video below, via TMZ:

The 85-year-old justice had been absent from Supreme Court oral arguments recently after recovery from a fall that left her with three broken ribs and a surgical procedure to remove two cancerous nodules in her lungs that were discovered as a result of the fall.

Ginsburg’s absence from oral arguments, for the first time in her career on the Supreme Court, reportedly prompted the Trump administration to begin prepping a short list of potential replacements for Ginsburg should her seat on the court become vacant, according to Politico.

In recovery from the procedure, Ginsburg was largely absent from the public eye. Ginsburg attended a production of the “Notorious RBG in Song” musical in early February, but the audience was mostly unaware of her attendance, The Washington Post reported.

Ginsburg made her return to the Supreme Court bench on Tuesday. According to CNN, the justice smiled to the audience in the court and was sporting one of her trademark decorative collars. In her absence from the court, Ginsburg worked from home off transcripts of the court’s arguments.

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