The AP Hopes a Judge Can Persuade Hillary Clinton to Turn Over Her Emails by Filing a Lawsuit

The Associated Press has been pursuing documents under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) from Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State for years. On Wednesday, they filed a lawsuit to force the U.S. State Department to turn them over.

The AP said its first FOIA request was made in 2010 and that they filed more requests in 2013. Their lawsuit came one day after Mrs. Clinton admitted to destroying half of her 60,000 emails.

The AP lawsuit accuses the State Department of “slow-rolling” their FOIA requests, which have become more important to the news agency with the possibility of Clinton’s run for president in 2016.  The AP also calls the State’s lack of preservation of the former Secretary’s emails a ‘failure:’

“State’s failure to ensure that Secretary Clinton’s governmental emails were retained and preserved by the agency, and its failure timely to seek out and search those emails in response to AP’s requests, indicate at the very least that State has not engaged in the diligent, good-faith search that FOIA requires.”

The AP is planning a deep dive of the activity during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, and is requesting an expansive list of documentation:

  • Schedules
  • Calendars
  • Documents on the Osama bin Laden raid
  • NSA surveillance practices.
  • Clinton’s role in ‘overseeing a major Defense Department contractor.’

The AP FOIA requests include information related to former Clinton aides who may be involved her presidential campaign:

“(D)ocuments related to her department’s decision to grant a special position to longtime aide Huma Abedin; related correspondence from longtime advisers Philippe Reines and Cheryl Mills, who, like Abedin, are likely to play central roles in a Clinton presidential campaign…”

The New York Times reports that Citizens United is also awaiting resolution of a lawsuit filed against the State Department. That suit alleges that The State Department refused to reveal Clinton’s travel companions on overseas trips. A decision is expected in that case this week.
While the State Department has yet to comment on the lawsuit, the AP reports that the State Department takes seven times longer than the Justice Department and 30 times longer than the Treasury Department to turn over documents.

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