Sally Kohn Blames Trump for Weinstein’s Exposure — And That’s When Reality Checks Her Hard

While some have blamed the general culture of Hollywood for the rise of a man like Harvey Weinstein — and his subsequent ability to avoid being exposed for the predator so many now say that he is — most place the lion’s share of the responsibility exactly where it belongs: on Weinstein himself.

But not CNN commentator Sally Kohn. Kohn has her own theory regarding what brought about Weinstein’s very public demise — and it’s only partly because he probably assaulted dozens of women and harassed dozens, if not hundreds, more.

According to Kohn, it’s at least partly about President Donald Trump:

Her article begins:

As more and more institutions withdraw their honors and his career careens quickly — and deservedly — down the drain, Harvey Weinstein clearly has himself to blame for his problems. But should Weinstein in part blame Donald Trump — for whipping up Hollywood against sexual assault in the first place?

There was a brief moment of real clarity:

Coming on the heels of all the outrage about Trump in particular, Hollywood couldn’t really afford to stay silent without looking ridiculously and obviously hypocritical.

But then …

Weinstein was a titan of Hollywood, almost like its own unelected president — and the head of the “look I’m a liberal feminist” charitable parade — alleged to be doing the same thing Hollywood stars had just been shouting against Trump for.

Even in the face of the sheer scale and severity of what he is accused of doing, the swift downfall of Weinstein at pretty much every level has been breathtaking in its own way. It’s almost as if Hollywood, frustrated they couldn’t impeach Donald Trump, impeached Harvey Weinstein instead. Both deserve it.

And then came the reality check:


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