Sanders Agrees With Biden That It’s a ‘Fantasy World’ to Have Medicare for All Without Middle-Class Tax Hikes

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) agreed with former Vice President Joe Biden that those pushing Medicare for All without a middle-class tax hike are living in a “fantasy world.”

Although many 2020 candidates openly support Medicare for All, very few have been willing to admit that middle-class taxes would likely go up to fund the $32.6 trillion program. Most notably, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) announced during the debate that she favors abolishing private insurance to embrace Medicare for All fully, but she refused to say she would increase middle-class taxes on American workers.

Biden — who has been feuding with Harris since she leveled him in the first debate — said the senator was living in a “fantasy world” if she thought she would have to raise taxes on the majority of Americans to foot the bill for the program.

“I find the people that say they’re for Medicare for All, but they’re not going to tax the middle class because you don’t need to do that. Come on. I mean, what is this, a fantasy world here?” Biden said.

During an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Sanders was asked if he agreed with Biden’s summary. He told host Jake Tapper that he knows middle-class taxes will go up, but maintained that the American people could still end up saving money on the other side.

Watch Sanders’ remarks:

“The first thing that we have to understand is, under Medicare for all, similar to what Canada has, people are not gonna pay any premiums. They’re not gonna pay any deductibles. They’re not going to pay any co-payments. So if you call a premium a tax, we’re getting rid of that. But I do believe that, in a progressive way, people will have to pay taxes. The wealthy will obviously pay the lion’s share of the taxes, but at the end of the day, the vast majority of the American people will pay substantially less for the health care they now receive because we’re going to do away with hundreds of billion dollars of administrative waste. We’re gonna do away with the incredible profiteering of the insurance companies and the drug companies. People will be paying, in some cases, more in taxes, but overall, because they’re not gonna pay premiums or deductibles, co-payments, they’ll be paying less for their health care.”

When pushed by Tapper as to whether he agrees with Biden, Sanders conceded that the former vice president is correct about the increase in taxes.

“Obviously, health care is not free,” Sanders said.

As IJR previously reported, Biden does not support Medicare for All. Instead, he supports a reboot of the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare.

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Jeffrey Moore

“Obviously, health care is not free.”

Duh! Nothing people produce is free. Nor is it a right if someone has to get it for you or do it for you.


General Confusion

“As a person who falls just above the poverty line income, I am not in favor of any more taxes to support people who feel they are “entitled to free everything” without working and paying a bit of taxes.” MariaRose You are mindboggingly confused. That is NOT how a univeral health care system works. Everyone pays. You just pay a fair amount and much less than you pay now. It isn’t “free” as in you don’t pay ANYTHING. You are so confused about how it would work that you even contradict yourself. You do realise that you would NOT be… Read more »

General Confusion

“more taxes = more control for them” Allen Zabel

Allen’s irrational paranoia is confusing him.

Less cost for better health.

General Confusion

“I’m on a fix income, I can not afford a BIG tax hike.” nickname nickname is confused about math. Hey, nickname. How much do you pay each year for health care? All of the hours on a phone trying to figure out your bills or begotiating for the care that you must have? All of your co-pays and high deductibles? All of your outrageously expensive drugs. All of your surpise bills? Everything. Now, imagine that you have NONE of those bills anymore. Imagine what a relief that you would have knowing that you can now get full coverage without having… Read more »

Allen Zabel

The Liberal/Communist/Democrats, have never seen a tax, that they don’t like.
more taxes = more control for them

Matthew Jacobs

I think I’ve heard this talk before from Politicians…and what happens…It never raises as much money as they say …takes longer…and the Cost are always Lowballed


I’m on a fix income, I can not afford a BIG tax hike. So I say KEEP DREAMING!! Talk like that WON’T get you elected!!


“Your impossible fantasy is less-workable than MY impossible fantasy.”

Here’s a real-world proposal for all these false-promisers. YOU ALL go on Medicare first. Surrender your lavish, taxpayer-funded or private benefits FOR THE “CAUSE”. That applies to idiots like the Confused One, who’s probably still covered under Mommy’s insurance or his employer’s plan (assuming he has a job).

Do it for the rest of your terms or until 2024, whichever comes first. There’s no Mr. Roarke* or his midget assistant Tattoo to bail you out if you do not like it.

*RIP Ricardo Montalban. Khaaannnnn!





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