Sanders Agrees With Biden That It’s a ‘Fantasy World’ to Have Medicare for All Without Middle-Class Tax Hikes

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) agreed with former Vice President Joe Biden that those pushing Medicare for All without a middle-class tax hike are living in a “fantasy world.”

Although many 2020 candidates openly support Medicare for All, very few have been willing to admit that middle-class taxes would likely go up to fund the $32.6 trillion program. Most notably, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) announced during the debate that she favors abolishing private insurance to embrace Medicare for All fully, but she refused to say she would increase middle-class taxes on American workers.

Biden — who has been feuding with Harris since she leveled him in the first debate — said the senator was living in a “fantasy world” if she thought she would have to raise taxes on the majority of Americans to foot the bill for the program.

“I find the people that say they’re for Medicare for All, but they’re not going to tax the middle class because you don’t need to do that. Come on. I mean, what is this, a fantasy world here?” Biden said.

During an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Sanders was asked if he agreed with Biden’s summary. He told host Jake Tapper that he knows middle-class taxes will go up, but maintained that the American people could still end up saving money on the other side.

Watch Sanders’ remarks:

“The first thing that we have to understand is, under Medicare for all, similar to what Canada has, people are not gonna pay any premiums. They’re not gonna pay any deductibles. They’re not going to pay any co-payments. So if you call a premium a tax, we’re getting rid of that. But I do believe that, in a progressive way, people will have to pay taxes. The wealthy will obviously pay the lion’s share of the taxes, but at the end of the day, the vast majority of the American people will pay substantially less for the health care they now receive because we’re going to do away with hundreds of billion dollars of administrative waste. We’re gonna do away with the incredible profiteering of the insurance companies and the drug companies. People will be paying, in some cases, more in taxes, but overall, because they’re not gonna pay premiums or deductibles, co-payments, they’ll be paying less for their health care.”

When pushed by Tapper as to whether he agrees with Biden, Sanders conceded that the former vice president is correct about the increase in taxes.

“Obviously, health care is not free,” Sanders said.

As IJR previously reported, Biden does not support Medicare for All. Instead, he supports a reboot of the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare.


  1. “Obviously, health care is not free.”

    Duh! Nothing people produce is free. Nor is it a right if someone has to get it for you or do it for you.


  2. “As a person who falls just above the poverty line income, I am not in favor of any more taxes to support people who feel they are “entitled to free everything” without working and paying a bit of taxes.” MariaRose

    You are mindboggingly confused.

    That is NOT how a univeral health care system works. Everyone pays. You just pay a fair amount and much less than you pay now. It isn’t “free” as in you don’t pay ANYTHING.

    You are so confused about how it would work that you even contradict yourself. You do realise that you would NOT be paying all of your high current costs PLUS be taxed for more, right? RIGHT? Where are your critical thinking skills?

  3. “more taxes = more control for them” Allen Zabel

    Allen’s irrational paranoia is confusing him.

    Less cost for better health.

  4. “I’m on a fix income, I can not afford a BIG tax hike.” nickname

    nickname is confused about math.

    Hey, nickname. How much do you pay each year for health care? All of the hours on a phone trying to figure out your bills or begotiating for the care that you must have? All of your co-pays and high deductibles? All of your outrageously expensive drugs. All of your surpise bills? Everything.

    Now, imagine that you have NONE of those bills anymore. Imagine what a relief that you would have knowing that you can now get full coverage without having to ignore big bills. You have one line on your pay stub and tax form that is a much smaller deduction than what you pay now because the whole system is way more efficient and less corrupt. You get more coverage for way less of YOUR money.

    Do the math. Better coverage, less money, less hassles. Imagine that.

  5. The Liberal/Communist/Democrats, have never seen a tax, that they don’t like.
    more taxes = more control for them

  6. I think I’ve heard this talk before from Politicians…and what happens…It never raises as much money as they say …takes longer…and the Cost are always Lowballed

  7. I’m on a fix income, I can not afford a BIG tax hike. So I say KEEP DREAMING!! Talk like that WON’T get you elected!!

  8. “Your impossible fantasy is less-workable than MY impossible fantasy.”

    Here’s a real-world proposal for all these false-promisers. YOU ALL go on Medicare first. Surrender your lavish, taxpayer-funded or private benefits FOR THE “CAUSE”. That applies to idiots like the Confused One, who’s probably still covered under Mommy’s insurance or his employer’s plan (assuming he has a job).

    Do it for the rest of your terms or until 2024, whichever comes first. There’s no Mr. Roarke* or his midget assistant Tattoo to bail you out if you do not like it.

    *RIP Ricardo Montalban. Khaaannnnn!

  9. As a person who falls just above the poverty line income, I am not in favor of any more taxes to support people who feel they are “entitled to free everything” without working and paying a bit of taxes. It does seem Bernie is seeing the failure of his words to give “free” things after he had to adjust his pay rate of his staffers to the minimum wage of $15 and then had to cut their hours. He suddenly realizes that giving “free” means there’s a cost to bear. Unfortunately, he still hasn’t figured out that the brunt of the tax burden falls only on the middle class because the super-rich will avoid the tax with all the tax loopholes and the lower-income pay nothing and get “free” everything. Stupid is as Stupid does.

    1. Neither Bernie, nor Biden, nor any of the “others” running for 2020 willl back up their words with actions. Let them go on Medicare. Let them liquidate their properties and millions to pay for others. That’s the easy part of their false promises.

      I’m sorry to hear of your economic straits. I myself am comfortable, but will not claim Social Security. Despite my wife and I paying every damn paycheck we will not only will I lose 90% of every check due to income offsets, but we will continue to pay for our own medical coverage, which has quadrupled since Obozocare.

  10. We would pay less for health care and we would get much LESS health care! In Canada a person waits a year for an MRI. An elderly lady waited a month for a burning horrible rash on her face. Canada sent an expectant mother to the US to deliver her twins. These are actual cases in one family. They get less care.
    Health care for all is one big step into socialism. It levels the amount of money everyone has, which duh, is socialism. Socialism and capitalism are antonyms; they are opposites. It’s a feel good lefty method to have people be beholden to them, and a way to control the people. Then they will go after more parts of our lives to control like what sex our minor children should be and only CNN, AKA Pravda, for our news.

    1. Not to belabor a point, but Canadian healthcare not only prolonged my wife’s suffering, but I believe was instrumental in allowing her cancer to metastasize. Six months for a diagnostic appointment. It left me a widower and our children motherless.

      Her father, a US medical professional, was outraged at both of us for not bringing her to the US. It’s one of greatest my regrets.

    2. As a Veteran, I’ve watched the new report out about the VA (government Health care)
      Average wait times, for an appointment? 30 days.
      With a strong potential, of up to 70 days.
      That says it all.

  11. These two really need to get the word out so all of us “middle-class” working idiots will know that our increased tax money will be going to provide top draw medical care for illegal immigrants bringing tropical diseases to Kansas City and similar places.

    1. Tuberculosis, smallpox, mumps, etc. are more serious diseases than credited. Let’s also remember Zika, lice, typhus, etc.

      I’ll pay to keep this stuff away from the general populace by paying for a wall and minefields.

  12. Tax hikes? Tax Hikes?! TAX HIKES?!!
    Say it ain’t so Bernie & Joe!

  13. Why is it the idiots who want to force Free Healthcare For All while telling the middle class to bend over, AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN, are the uber rich WHO GET THE BEST HEALTH CARE IN THE WORLD ON OUR DIME????? I”d like to see these old fools, Biden, Sanders, and the YOUNG twits, Harris, AOC, Booker, et al, have to make hard decisions on if they can afford to see a doctor any time soon. If they can put off needed surgery because they haven’t met the deductible. The damned Democrats and liberals live in an alternate universe parallel to the rest of us!

    1. Because if its gonna be “free”, somebody has to pay for it.
      On the other hand, you get what you pay for and if it’s free, then….
      Coverage is great but if the actual heaalthecare system is broken there is nothing behind that great coverage.
      It is like a fabulous but broke pension plan. Looks great on paper but when you need it, it isn’t there.

  14. Over $100 per month is deducted from my SS for Medicare. Since I was an independent contractor I paid ALL of my SS. So maybe Bernie is going to make it free!! Thanks Bernie. I still wouldn’t vote for him because it is not possible to pull that much absurdity off.

  15. Bernie is an idiot and must think we are. We all know how good the government is at reducing costs and they are going to take over the administrative cost for the health care. And we know how good that will go over.

  16. And if you believe Sanders, he has a bridge to sell you. The administrative he will get rid of will just be moved over to the government and we know how good they are a reducing costs. Bernie is an idiot and he thinks we are also.

  17. Comrade Sanders slips and tells the truth.

  18. The biggest problem, General, is that most people don’t have any idea how much their healthcare costs. The group of people who are the most informed are also the group who are mostly on Medicare already.

    It would be very easy for me to look at the $150 that is deducted every payday from my paycheck, the occasional $20 copay that I spend at a doctor a few times a year, and my cheap prescription charges and assume that I’m not paying very much at all – if I didn’t know about the $25k that my employer contributes for me each year.

    If my company paid that money to me instead of an insurance company and I didn’t pay anything more out of pocket, I would gladly pay another $20k in taxes each year.

  19. “When pushed by Tapper as to whether he agrees with Biden, Sanders conceded that the former vice president is correct about the increase in taxes.

    “Obviously, health care is not free,” Sanders said.” Article

    This is how IJR and CNN are trying desperately to confuse you.

    Who cares through which medium that you pay for your health care if, in the end, you pay much less for much more? You won’t pay the exorbitant prices and fees that you pay now and you will get better coverage for much less with a univeral and single-payer scheme. That is a reality. Sanders should have reiterated this, if it wasn’t already said in the interview.

    You just pay for it through your paycheck. Big deal!

    1. I cannot believe any intelligent individual buys this Socialist BS. C’mon. OPEN your eyes and stop kissing Bernie’s back side. It’s been reported REPEATEDLY by the Government Agencies who evaluated this potential disaster services will either DECREASE or be ELIMINATED coupled with an INCREASE in cost to the consumer. It’s NOT rocket science; but you’ll need a brain implant to understand you’re going to get SCREWED or die in the process.

    2. You won’t get better coverage, you will get much less. The countries that have socialized medicine do not rate as high as our health care. Pharmaceuticals have a huge lobby in Congress. Some Congress people get $250,000 or more from big pharmaceuticals. Too many people are suing, and that drives up costs. The ‘experts’ are looking at the wrong end of the horse to see the problem and be able to solve it.
      Medical care for all mean less medical care for people who need it. In Canada, a doctor has to be sure a patient has something before ordering a test. If the test returns negative, the doctor has to pay for the test. This means doctors will not order tests. They will just apply band aids.

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