‘That’s Gone’: Bernie Sanders Brags About Ending Private Health Insurance, Claims It Justifies Higher Taxes

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) sat down for one of his first interviews since announcing his 2020 presidential bid to brag about how he will end private health insurance and raise taxes.

During an interview with “The Breakfast Club,” Sanders explained how he will be able to follow through with his long list of promises to the American people, including tuition-free college, “Medicare-for-all,” and an economic overhaul to combat climate change.

Sanders admitted right away that he is not planning on cutting taxes to move his agenda forward, saying, “I don’t say lower taxes.”

The senator explained that he isn’t afraid to say he will raise taxes because he believes his policies will save individual Americans so much that they won’t notice the money being taken by the government. He pointed to Canada’s system as a blueprint.

Watch the video below:

“You ask me how we pay for it. Right now, we are paying twice as much, per capita, for health care as they do in Canada because they don’t have a system which enables the drug companies and the insurance companies to make huge profits. Their system is simpler. There is not all kinds of waste and bureaucracy.”

Sanders went on to say that he believes the U.S. could implement “Medicare-for-all” and that the American people would come out on the other side with more money in their pockets despite higher taxes:

“We’re already paying for it. We’re paying twice as much as the Canadians. So what the criticism of Bernie Sanders is, ‘He’s going to raise your taxes.’ Well, I may. But you know what I’m doing? I’m doing away with all of your private health insurance premiums. I don’t know how you guys work or where you get your health care from, but someone’s paying for it. Somebody’s paying Blue Cross or United Health. That’s gone.”

Sanders is not the first 2020 Democrat to announce that he or she wants to do away with private health care. As IJR previously reported, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) made a similar promise to get rid of private insurance, only to later walk it back after facing a backlash.

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Except that Canada ALLOWS private insurance. Wrong again, you cheap Larry David knockoff.


Bernie Sanders voted for Obozocare and then conveniently exempted himself from having to have Obozocare. I suspect that even though he is older than 65, the age most Americans have to go onto Medicare that he is not on Medicare. As someone who is on Medicare I can say that it sucks.

Rocky Drummond

Good grief, stop doing this, Madison! THAT’S HOW IT ALL WORKS!

If you really want to eliminate the nonsense that we have today, YOU REPLACE IT. It isn’t that hard for a sane person to understand.

The current system is estimated to cost about $50T over the next ten years. MFA is estimated to cost us $32T to cover everyone and cause us less headaches over the same time. What’s so difficult to understand?





Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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