Sanders Claims He Opposed Authoritarian Socialists in Venezuela, Soviet Union ― His Own Words Prove Otherwise

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) claimed he spent his “whole life” opposing “authoritarian” socialism in places like the Soviet Union and Venezuela, but his own words prove otherwise.

During a Sunday morning interview on “State of the Union,” Sanders told host Dana Bash that his brand of “democratic socialism” isn’t the same socialism that has been widely condemned by President Donald Trump for creating the atrocities witnessed in Venezuela.

Instead, Sanders claimed he has spent his “whole life” opposing that type of socialism.

Watch Sanders’ interview:

“I think it’s important for the American people to understand what my definition is of Democratic Socialism. It’s certainly not how Donald Trump defines it. I have spent my whole life fighting for democracy, fighting against authoritarianism, whether it was in the Soviet Union, Venezuela or anyplace else.”

Although Sanders claimed that he “spent [his] whole life” fighting against the authoritarian, socialist regimes in Venezuela and the Soviet Union, there are several examples where Sanders did the opposite.

As IJR previously reported, Sanders backed several Marxist candidates in the early 1980s from the Socialist Workers Party. The candidates he “proudly endorsed and supported” openly supported the Soviet Union and China, to the point that the FBI opened an investigation into the ties between the party and Soviet spies.

In the late 1980s, Sanders was filmed praising the Soviet Union for their socialist programs that went “go far beyond what we do in this country.” As IJR previously reported, Former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt flattened Sanders for trying to claim that the Soviet Union was worth admiring.

See his past comments below:

As far as Venezuela is concerned, Sanders wrote an op-ed raving about Venezuela in 2011. He claimed that Venezuelans were better at embodying the “American dream” than Americans were.

“These days,” Sanders wrote, “the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela, and Argentina, where incomes are actually more equal today.”

He later tried to distance himself from the comments praising Venezuela. While he may no longer openly support Venezuela, he also hasn’t done much “fighting against authoritarianism” in Venezuela, either. In fact, he wouldn’t even call former Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro a dictator when asked about the atrocities taking place.

Although it has been several decades since Sanders was praising the Soviet Union, it’s hard to say he spent his “whole life” fighting authoritarian socialism.

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David L. Richards
David L. Richards

The clip and opinion column don’t live up to the billing. In both cases Sanders does compliment certain things he found in 1988 Soviet Union, such as the public transportation system in Moscow, and income equality in several South American nations, including Venezuela. It’s embarrassing, but it doesn’t add up to a failure to oppose authoritarianism. There must be clips, or writings, of Sanders that would express a general view of the Soviet Union or Venezuela (or Cuba, to add them in), and if he expressed general approval, then the inconsistency would be shown. These materials don’t do that.

Lee Jenkins

Sanders is a lying bastard just like all good Leftists. They lie without compunction, but whenever you back them into a corner with FACTS about all their lies they clam up and withdraw from the conversation. That is, after a few shouts of, “well yeah, but Bush….” or calling Trump a few names. The only was to send these idiots into the dustbin of history is to absolutely make sure our young people have a rock solid understanding of why Santa Claus government doesn’t work. That means we have to take back the school systems from the Leftist morons…..and NOW!


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William Moore

This disgusting ‘yiddiot’ and no goog goniff needs to move to Venezuela if he loves and embraces socialism so damned much. l Lave the USA and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Stop foisting your socialistic views and pure communism on the rest of u as the American people are smart and can see you just for what you ares, nothing but a hypocrite! . Oh and for the record you disgusting anti American fPOS,, leave your wealth you got screwing the American people and the constituents stupid enough to waste their votes… Read more »

Cap'n HappyFeet
Cap'n HappyFeet

What?? You expected truth??!


How do you know the left is lying? Their lips are moving!

Glen Hillebrand

Well, while all true; no one is going to call him the lying hypocrite, like Gillebrand that they are. In fact, these Bolshevik tactics are, “in vogue”.

Bill Stanley

A government that owns the means of production and controls the distribution to society (socialism) is authoritarian by definition. What an idiot.





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