Sanders Confirms Trump’s Get-Well Call to Nadler: POTUS Wanted to ‘Make Sure’ He Was ‘Doing Okay’


White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed that President Donald Trump called House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) to wish him well after his “health scare.”

During an interview with “Fox & Friends” Tuesday morning, Sanders was pressed by host Brian Kilmeade on whether or not it was “true” that Trump called Nadler to check up on him after he was hospitalized last month.

Sanders confirmed that the story was true, saying that Trump “made that call quietly” to “make sure” that Nadler was “doing okay” after his “health scare.”

“He did,” said the press secretary. “The president made that call quietly and he wanted to check on his health.”

“They’ve known each other a long time, certainly are — I would say — opponents of one another on most occasions,” added Sanders. “But the president wanted to check on him after he had that health scare and make sure that he was doing okay.”

Watch the video here:

As IJR Red previously reported, that the president had given Nadler a call after the latter spent a night in the hospital after he fainted from a bout of dehydration. Trump reportedly called the House Judiciary chairman “tough” and asked if he could do anything.

One of the House Judiciary chairman’s staffers said that the hospitalization “was just a precaution” following the incident.

Nadler and Trump have been rivals with each other for a long while, having their first disagreement in the 1980s regarding a real estate project put on by the president’s company.

This rivalry has carried on into present day with Trump in the White House and Nadler heading up the powerful House Judiciary.

Nadler — a vocal opponent of the president — has levied multiple subpoenas against the Trump administration and said that Trump could be impeached if “obstruction of justice” was “proven.”

The president’s call to Nadler offered a rare glimpse into a moment of nonpartisanship between the two political opponents where disagreements were pushed aside and what mattered most was the well-being of a patriot working to make his country better.

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Cap'n HappyFeet
Cap'n HappyFeet

A patriot trying to make his country better? What, is writer twelve years old? Nadler has been a self-serving jerk in Congress for years.





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