Sanders Calls Out Dems on Border Security: Must ‘Decide if They Love Our Country More Than They Hate’ POTUS


During a recent interview on Fox News, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called out Democratic leaders who strongly oppose strict border laws.

Sanders pointed out President Donald Trump’s commitment to protect the border and the immigration system.

“The president is committed to making sure that one way or another, whether it is through Congress or other measures, that we protect our borders,” Sanders said.

She also brought up what she believed was hypocrisy by Democrats, claiming that they have changed their opinion on immigration to a more open approach.


“He’s looking at a number of different ways in order to do that,” said Sanders. “But frankly, it’s sad that Democrats have changed their position so much. If you look back, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Biden, Obama, all of these individuals in the past have supported border security.”

Recently, Trump released a video on Twitter about his commitment to keeping the borders strong and explaining that he did not want a government shutdown.


The press secretary explained what she meant by addressing bills that they have supported in the past.

“In fact, Chuck Schumer even said in a public statement that illegal immigration is wrong. Yet now that this president is championing the fight and trying to do what’s right, you have Democrats that simply just won’t join in that effort,” Sanders said. “They voted for it 2006, they voted for wall funding and now they have changed their minds. Democrats have got to decide if they love our country more than they hate this president and so far we have seen no indication that there are willing to do that.”

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Mary Ridosh-Spalding

The democrats are not really out to hurt President Trump, they are REALLY out to hurt US, the American people, we are their main focus, we are the ones they wish to destroy with their ideas of socialism, President Trump is just in their way!!!


The Socialist Democrat Party only wants to bring Trump down. He is in the way of the socialist desire to change this country to total Government control.


Democrats hate trump so much that they’re willing to risk the security of every American citizen to oppose him. We need border security there’s no two ways about it. We cannot let illegals cross the border without being vetted. That would be a dream scenario for terrorist groups. Being able to sneak or just waltz across the border and commit attacks at will. Plus we cannot let everyone who wants to come into this country in. Some have criminal records which should disqualify them from entering.

Robert Miles

Sanders must recognize that what she wants and what she says the Democrats want are not the only two possibilities.

Christopher Aimutis

WELL SAID SARAH? DUMOCRATS are JUST MAD&HATE THIS #POTUS2MUCH2Where Our BEST INTEREST IsNot@Heart! Their HATE4TRUMP has caused them to CHANGE Their Minds on Subjects/Laws that PROTECT US! They want to ABOLISH Our 2nd And, They want TYRANNY & Talked Away what ability We HAVE2PROTECT Ourselves from THAT!!! They DoNot like TRUMP calling their BS & “Draining-The-Swamp”


Beautiful words Sarah, ones that can resonate over many issues, but this one in particular. Straight out, do you love America more than you hate President Trump. The answer should be a resounding yes for every elected official, and every patriotic American. It’s critical time, what’s your answer? I personally love our country and want it defended.


Thank You Sarah! MAGA!

Barbara Foster

Democrats and liberals seem to think the President wants to keep this country only for Americans by building the border wall. Not so, future LEGAL immigrants, of different races, will BE the Americans who run the country. America has always been made up of many different races. And will always be.





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