Sanders Says Those Who Break Asylum Laws Shouldn’t Be Deported, Calls Trump’s Plan ‘Politically Motivated’

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) condemned the Trump administration’s plan to begin deporting those who broke U.S. asylum laws because he believes the action is “politically motivated.”

Last week, President Donald Trump announced that he would begin deporting illegal immigrants as part of his efforts to deter more migrants from traveling from the United States and abusing the asylum process to stay in the country beyond their court date.

On Sunday, however, the president tweeted that he has agreed to delay the deportations for two weeks to give Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) some motivation to change the asylum laws in the U.S.

During an interview on “Face the Nation,” Sanders told host Margaret Brennan that he doesn’t agree with deporting illegal immigrants, even though they have clearly broken U.S. laws.

“It’s absolutely not appropriate,” Sanders said.

Watch Sanders’ interview:

Brennan: Specifically on this point, the 2,000 who are supposed to be targeted haven’t should be up for court dates. Essentially they’re not following the asylum process, the legal standard when they’re here. So, should they be prosecuted? Should they be deported?

Sanders: I don’t like this deportation thing, at all. I think Trump uses this as a beginning to do worse things to come. Trump thinks that he can win reelection, and this is his political game, it’s not an accident that he announced this at the same time he went through his announcement that he was seeking reelection.

Sanders admitted that he believes that Trump’s action on immigration is “purely politically motivated” and an attempt to “divide the American people up.”

“I do. And I think — Look, it’s not to say we don’t have a serious problem, but there are ways for serious people to deal with serious immigration problems. It is a problem. But what he is doing, and this is his entire political strategy, is to divide the American people up.”

While Sanders may think the deportations are politically motivated, Trump deportation decision is part of an extended series of executive branch actions to curb the flow of migrants into the United States.

As IJR previously reported, Border Patrol has witnessed record numbers of migrants arriving at the border. Despite the overwhelmed immigration system, Congress has failed to pass any significant legislation — including funding — to address the crisis at the border.


  1. Good thing the Sociopathocrats aren’t ‘politically’ motivated or who who knows what might happen.

  2. Typical of Commie Bernie to double speak: (1) Yes, there is an immigration problem (2) Trump is trying to fix it for political gain.

    IF there is an immigration problem (which there definitely is); WHAT have the supporters of open borders according to George Soros done to fix the problem? NOTHING!! Because Trump wants to fix the problem and they ALL hate Trump simply for beating out their sickly, socially, mentally and physically unfit, foul mouthed radical female from NY in the 2016 elections. NOTHING will be done about the immigration problem unless and until Trump takes it upon himself to SHOW the dimwits what must be done and HOW to fix it.

    WHY are the members of the Dimwit Party in the House being paid to sit on their hands and do NOTHING? Might I direct that question to the Speaker of the House; the “Boss”: Commie Alexandria Occasionally Coherent.

  3. I’m weary of all you Dummicrats saying Trump is doing everything as political motives…. it’s all Dummicrats doing the same so you can bamboozle voters rights to the illegals for DNC rolls. Who do you think you are fooling? Call a spade a spade. You could care less about security, economics, safety to American citizens, etc. as long as you get majority votes. Call it as it is.
    Enough already. Dummies are really dividing this country, and constantly thinking of what next to do to harass the President. STOP IT ALREADY!!!!!

  4. you’ve got three houses Bernie, give the illegals two of your houses. you notice these freeloaders didn’t head to Venezuela. heck no. everybody is going north to UNCLE SUCKER .next stop the welfare line!!!!!!

    1. He also has a net worth of over $2 million. Why hasn’t this Socialist shared his ill-gotten wealth with the peons?

  5. Hey Bernie, how about if I take one of your properties and declare asylum? How ’bout I declare you must feed me, clothe me, and provide my medical care while I’m “asylumming” in your house? I demand wi-fi too.

    Changes things doesn’t it, you useless, wannabe-Commie hypocrite.

  6. I agree with Bernie. They shouldn’t be deported. Just exported back where they came from while their BS cases (over 90%) waste our time and dollars. Gee, it’s not like that money might help schools, vets, or repairing our infrastructure.

    Better choice: ask them to offer up their own for organs and nutrients (to feed them). Let them buy their way in with sacrifices to their new god, Uncle Sugar. (future archeologists may say it’s actually pronounced “Sucker”)

    Central American has a history and culture of human sacrifice and cannibalism so it’s multicultural appreciation. q.v. the Incas, Aztecs, Mayas, etc. Go political correctness!!!

  7. “Politically motivated” you Commie? Like your “open borders and freebies” isn’t?

    Sure, you Larry David lookalike. It’s definitely political. There’s this thing called The Constitution.

    I’d bet good money you will never volunteer a single one of your multiple properties to house any of these people, but I have no takers because they know you’re useless AND will never sacrifice for your own beliefs.

  8. “Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) condemned the Trump administration’s plan to begin deporting those who broke U.S. asylum laws because he believes the action is “politically motivated.” What a bunch of Pelosi.

    1. D-RATs trying to buy votes—-very simple.

  9. Since the Obama administration did the same, we’re those actions politically motivated, no one complained.
    Trump needs to follow through because These asylum seekers are BREAKING THE LAW!

  10. I’m surprised he doesn’t want to send them to the workers paradise, Venezuela..

  11. No Bernie, try to follow along. We aren’t trying to divide up Americans. Illegals who have broken asylum laws need to pay the consequences. I know you want that snowflake vote that doesn’t believe in consequences, but they need to understand the real world sometime. Might as well be sooner than later. When you are here as a guest and break the law, you get deported. Or, maybe San Francisco can take all the law breakers.

    1. Bernie & the Democrats are trying to divide us for political purposes, see reparations

  12. Obama deported hundreds of thousands to the tune of Dims’ – and Sanders’ – abject silence. Sounds to me like Bernie’s comments are politically motivated, and nothing more. If he actually cared about illegal aliens, he’d be putting up a dozen or two in his 3-4 houses…and settling tens of thousands in his home state of Vermont. BTW: Bernie’s doing neither.

  13. These illegals are using our resources, tax money, food, and housing. Why do the taxpayers have to support them? They are not our dependency. If Democrats wants them, then let them adopt them.

    1. You forgot to mention bringing crime, diseases, and parasites. But at least they can make tacos, sopas, and empanadas. Hmmm. That fails to balance.

  14. HYPOCRITE!! Enforcing the LAW is just a political maneuver? What’s your plan Bernie other than ignore or open borders? I can’t stand these liberal idiots that do nothing but complain but offer zero workable solutions

    1. I’ll try that the next time I get pulled over for speeding – “is this just a political maneuver”?

  15. Nothing but lies. The left always tells you what they are doing by accusing others of what they have done. The Democrats clearly want this illegal immigration. 90% of those who ask for asylum don’t have a case. That’s about the same percentage as those who skip their hearings and avoid deportation.

    Trump has been asking for Congress, specifically the Democrats, to engage on reforming the laws to deal with illegal immigration in general and the abuse of the asylum process in particular. They haven’t. They won’t. Best estimate is that we have north of 20 million people in this country illegally. Every one of them have broken our laws. Some many laws like identity theft, fraud, perjury, and various drug crimes and violent crimes, including over 2,000 murders EACH YEAR.

  16. Comrade Sanders aka Bernie the Commie always has a plan that doesn’t make any sense.

  17. One of the conditions of being granted asylum is that the recipient of asylum agrees to follow our laws. If they break those laws they loose the ability to have asylum. It’s sort of like when you are granted a drier’s license. If you follow the laws you can keep your license and drive. If you intentionally break the driving laws you then loose your license and can no longer drive. Being granted asylum is a privilege you are accorded by the people who grant you asylum and since it’s a privilege if you violate the terms of that asylum you can have it taken away from you. It doesn’t have much to do with politics as it does law. unless you are a politician who wants to do away with the law and replace it with his own notions of law.

    1. The same holds true with citizenship. If an immigrant is granted citizenship in our country and go on to commit a felonious crime, his citizenship can be rescinded and he will be deported. No ifs, ands of buts about it.

  18. So Sanders says we should not enforce our laws when it comes to the border. What does he think laws are for? Territorial integrity doesn’t matter to Democrats.

  19. Foreign Invaders (which is what they are) are not “the American people”.

  20. And Bernie wants me to vote for someone running for President who won’t even stand up for the Law and Constitution. He won’t get my vote. He cares more about illegals than he does citizens. Bernie what are you doing about all the homeless in America?

  21. Question for Bernie: What would you call allowing them to stay without penalty, other than foolish benevolence and eventual American bankruptcy.

    1. A socialist nation akin to Venezuela with Bernie as the wealthy Democratic Socialist dictator ruling over all of it in his mansions like god-boy Kim of North Korea.

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