Sanders Says Trump Was Too Busy ‘Defeating ISIS’ to Visit California Earlier

Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed during a press briefing on Wednesday that President Donald Trump will be making a trip to California next week and explained why it’s taken so long for the trip to be planned.

The reason for the delay in Trump’s trip? For one, he was apparently just too darn busy fighting terrorists to bother about the Golden State.

“Why it’s taken so long? I think it’s because he’s been busy growing the economy, creating jobs, defeating ISIS, remaking the judiciary,” Sanders said, responding to a question about the trip. “I’d be happy to name off some other successes, but I think that’s probably enough.”

According to CNN, Trump will be looking at prototypes for his infamous border wall on the U.S.-Mexican border in Southern California.

No word yet on whether the POTUS will be spending some time showing off his beach bod during the visit.

The trip to California will be Trump’s first since Election Day. But Vice President Mike Pence has already made his rounds through the state for a fundraiser in October.

Sanders didn’t share any other details about the trip but used the opportunity to recount the Trump administration’s recent successes.

Relations between state government officials in California and the White House are particularly tense after the Justice Department filed a lawsuit against the state over its support for “sanctuary” laws that protect undocumented immigrants from deportation and that the DOJ have deemed unconstitutional.

California Gov. Jerry Brown stressed that he’s not about to go along with Washington on immigration:

It seems safe to assume that Trump’s border wall trip will be met with some flak in California considering the state’s tendency to vote blue.

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