‘They’re Incapable of Actually Asking Questions’: Sanders Slams Dem Reps for Not Questioning Barr

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders blasted Democratic members of Congress for refusing to question Attorney General William Barr, instead, demanding that their staff ask the questions.

As IJR previously reported, many Republicans were critical of Democrats for opting to have staff available to question Barr — a move that hasn’t been done since the “Iran-Contra Affair” during the Reagan administration.

Democrats not only wanted their staff to be available to question Barr, but they wanted to be able to interject their own spotlight questions as well. The attorney general declined to attend the questioning for those reasons.

During an interview on Fox News, Sanders mocked Senate Democrats for their Wednesday questioning of Barr and claimed that House Democrats knew they would “embarrass” themselves if they attempted to ask the questions.


“The Democrats embarrassed themselves yesterday. The outrageous questioning that they laid out to the attorney general, frankly, was astonishing. You just showed a clip of Senator [Mazie] Hirono. The outrage that she came to the attorney general — who came there and sat for five hours of questioning — was just unbelievable. […] The Democrats are frankly — they saw what happened yesterday and they’ve decided that they’re incapable of actually asking questions of the attorney general.”

Sanders also called out House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) for pushing the staff questioning. She didn’t pull any punches in her summary of Nadler’s decision.

“I lost confidence in Jerry Nadler a long time ago but I was unaware that he had lost confidence in himself and his ability to do his job and that is to ask questions. The fact that he needs to staff that out is unbelievable, and frankly, it’s pathetic. Democrats have got to step up.”

Sanders defended Barr’s decision to skip the hearing, claiming that Democrats shouldn’t have “changed the rules” about the questioning if they wanted him to show up.

“Members of Congress should be able to ask those questions,” said Sanders. “They shouldn’t need to staff that out.”

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Sanders summed up the situation in the first sentence of the title. We have watched congressional hearings many times before. They don’t do much asking questions or listening. They make speeches as though they know the answers without having any facts.


It’s simply a circus we pay to support with tax money; but have to watch from afar. The Dimwit Party Committee continues to make a donkey of itself under the inept leadership of their head idiot named Nadler. This will continue until the 2024 election cycle; Trump leaves Office and the dimwits get another Republican POTUS to harass, blame and have temper tantrums because Crooked Hillary lost the 2016 election. In the meantime, NOTHING gets done legislatively by the Socialist wannabes.

Sonya Norton

I call BS. Nothing wrong with the questioning yesterday: it was acute and appropriate. Clearly Barr’s not ready to be questioned by lawyers (remember, most congress and senators ARE lawyers, just not currently practicing. But he can’t treat a practicing lawyer the way he did the senators.) Barr was evasive and occasionally rude. I am not impressed.

Gary Glissman

Huckleberry Sanders is at it again. Way to redirect attention from the real issues and find some made up, lame excuse for avoiding real questions. This country’s leadership is beyond pathetic and we keep avoiding the obvious: Incompetency, constant lies, inability to follow the law, treasonous behavior with known enemies of the US, and the list goes on. Laughingstock of the world. We are now clearly becoming one of those infamous s**t h**e countries that DT defined last year.





Mark Green

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