Millionaire Socialist Bernie Sanders Tells His $3 Donors They Aren’t Giving Enough to His Campaign

Bernie Sanders
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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) — a millionaire, democratic socialist who is running for president — sent out a fundraising email from his campaign manager, telling single digit donors to start coughing up more cash.

Since his 2016 bid, Sanders has made the fact that he doesn’t have many big-ticket donors one of the key features of his campaign. He claims that he isn’t bought and paid for by millionaires, alluding that other candidates are. In 2016, he routinely bragged that his average donation size was just 27 dollars.

According to a recent campaign email, Sanders’ average donation size for the 2020 race has dipped to 14 dollars. His campaign manager claimed that this dip is hurting their campaign because it is well below the average donation size of Sanders’ 17 other Democratic competitors.

Although Sanders’ campaign claims they are falling behind, the latest fundraising totals put them millions ahead of any other candidate.

That didn’t prevent the campaign from hounding their smaller donors. In a fundraising email sent Tuesday, the campaign manager Faiz Shakir wrote:

“Right now, most first-time donors are giving three dollars. If you could possibly chip in $10, we’d be back on track to hold our fundraising advantage. And that’s important, because if we do, we’ll win. What do you say?”

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This email comes on the heels of Sanders brushing off criticisms for his millionaire status. As IJR previously reported, Sanders has been bragging about his “international bestseller” book, noting that is isn’t “a crime” to become a millionaire after writing a “New York Times bestseller, that was translated five or six times.”

Sanders has long been a proponent of making millionaires and billionaires pay more in hopes that they will foot the bill for the socialist policies the senator supports, like “Medicare for All” and free college.

With his latest email, it looks as though Sanders is looking for everyone to cough up a bit more to help him deliver the democratic socialist haven he’s been pitching since entering office.

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Typical of all greedy millionaires to beg for money. Just like some so-called charities whose Directors are making 6 digit salaries (or putting all the donations in their personal bank accounts). More $$$ is never enough nor do they care if you don’t have money for groceries. Bernie is no exception.


Hey, Bernie — I don’t think there’s a snowball’s chance in H!ll that you would ever be President of the United States!! But IF all the dead should miraculously rise from their graves and vote for you and make that happen, when you run for re-election, your ignorant followers wouldn’t even be able to afford $3 donations once your socialism agenda has been implemented!!!! As my pal Bugs Bunny is fond of saying — “what a maroon!”


In Bernie’s view the crime of millionaires who actually employ large numbers of people with their companies is just that. If you make your millions by employing thousands you suck but if you make your millions by writing a book that thousands of employed people buy its all good.

As noted in another post the headline is misleading but the “WTH” head shaking in wonderment is understandable.

MariaRose Randazzo

Just another reason, I don’t like Bernie. I have a limited budget but I try to give that small $3 donation to the Trump campaign at least monthly and I get thanks every month. I think it is funny that Bernie expects his “free everything” supporters to give him money as I thought he was taking care of all of their expenses.

John Gagliano Jr

Wow this headline couldn’t be more misleading. It’s a flat out lie. Like every other campaign in history, it’s asking for more money. I’d suggest a different headline. Unless your goal was to stir up I’ll feelings towards him. Many people will only read the headline and then use the headline when talking to others. I thought you were supposed to be better than MSM





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