Potential Trump Challenger Plans to ‘Give It 30 Days’ to Gain Support Before Making Official 2020 Decision

Former governor and Congressman Mark Sanford (R-S.C.) addressed the buzz surrounding his rumored presidential bid by announcing that he will make his official decision in a month’s time.

During an interview on “The View,” Sanford noted that he hopes to spend the next 30 days to see if he can build energy around a campaign before making his official decision to take on President Donald Trump for the Republican nomination.

Watch Sanford’s comments:

“I’m neither [in the race, nor out]. What I have said is I’ll give it 30 days and see whether, you know, energy and people and resources come my direction as I explore this over the next 30 days or not. And if they don’t, no. I’ll look for other ways of highlighting what I think is the most critical issue out there that’s not being talked about, which is debt, deficit, and government spendings for its implications in every one of our lives.”

As Sanford noted, his number one reason for considering a presidential bid is that he believes government spending is out of control and could have disastrous implications for the U.S. economy.

In a press release, Sanford wrote: (Can forward email)

“I have decided to take just a first step — and explore that question over the next 30 days. This could lead to running for President as a Republican. The goal here would be to generate a long-overdue conversation amongst Republicans on what we believe on debt, deficits, and government spending. It could lead to starting an advocacy group aimed at national conversation on this front. It could mean none of the above. Again, I don’t know, but I suspect, based on people’s responses over the next month, I will garner a very clear picture of what I should or shouldn’t do moving forward.”

If he were to run for president, Sanford would undoubtedly have to address his chaotic past. In 2009, Sanford admitted to having an extramarital affair. During this time, he also literally disappeared, causing a statewide panic as his family and security team searched for him.

Host Joy Behar confronted Sanford about his past and asked how he would handle President Trump’s attacks, which undoubtedly would be vicious.

“I mean, it’s a chapter of life that I regret, that I have said I’m sorry for, that I repent of, and I move on. […] If I indeed get into which race, I know it’s a point of vulnerability, but it’s also, frankly, a point of strength because if you learn from your mistakes, you become a better person for them.”

If Sanford does decide to get into the race, he will join former Governor Bill Weld (R-Mass.), who is currently the only Republican challenging Trump’s reelection bid.

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Sanford & Sin is fortunate to still be on a meandering path in the wilderness to escape his junk bidness because his degree of self-importance is appalling.
Anyone who would cast a vote for this loser should be cast in the new reality show “What Fool Votes Stool?” because the rules of the game are quite intriguing.

General Confusion

“He and Weld would be wasting their time trying to defeat Trump and would only draw a few votes away from Trump which would help whoever the Left picks as their loser.” The Confused James

Wow! You do realize that Weld and Sanford would be running in a primary before “Lefties” could have their say, right? Right?

And I thought I was confused.


He’s lying. *shock*

Sanford is dipping his toe because he understands he’s already a loser, a proven cheat, AND a liar. He did doodlysquat about the budget while in office and his ONLY achievement was cheating on his wife. Maybe it’s time for him to again disappear along the Appalachian Trail.


If Sanford’s ONLY agenda item for a campaign is government spending, why hasn’t he spoken to Trump; sent Trump a letter or email outlining his concerns? He and Weld would be wasting their time trying to defeat Trump and would only draw a few votes away from Trump which would help whoever the Left picks as their loser.





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