Former SC Gov Warns GOP Against Ignoring Growing $120B Deficit, Hints He May Primary Trump Over Spending

Former Governor Mark Sanford (R-S.C.) called on Republicans to start taking the national debt seriously after a recent report showed massive growth in the annual deficit.

Data released by the Department of the Treasury showed that the deficit has ballooned by $120 billion in July alone, with most of the spending going toward health services and the military.

Federal spending skyrocketed by 23% compared to the same month in 2018, putting the year-to-date deficit at $867 billion compared to $867 billion at this time last year.

As IJR previously reported, Sanford announced nearly a month ago that he would be considering a presidential bid on the issue of government spending. On Monday, Sanford released another campaign-like video, discussing the skyrocketing national debt.

He called on his Republican colleagues to start taking the national debt seriously and curb spending before things take a turn for the worse.

Watch Sanford’s video below:

“There’s a big storm coming. I say this because our country is in the most precarious financial position that we’ve been at since our founding and the Civil War. Not dealing with it could crush our economy, it could wipe out what we’ve saved, and it could even destroy our republic. We’ve never had so much debt. We’ve never had this much spending. We’ve never had this much of our debt owned by foreign governments — and this is just the beginning of a long, long list of our financial worries.”

Sanford noted that “seemingly no one in Washington is talking about” the debt, highlighting that none of the 2020 debates thus far have included questions about the national debt, though many of the candidates have talked about spending money.

While he did call out Democrats, he noted that Republicans have been quiet on the subject, too. He noted that Americans “have to do something” to pull back the national debt. The former governor added that he’s still considering a presidential bid focused on the issue of spending.

“Some have suggested starting an advocacy group. Others have suggested running in the Republican primary against the president as a way of elevating the issue and changing the debate,” said Sanford, adding, “I don’t know what the answer is.”

If Sanford does decide to get into the race, he will likely face an uphill battle. The only other Republican currently running against President Trump in the primary is former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld.

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Bonnie Keever, Social Security is a Ponzi scheme that counts on future “victims” to pay for returns to those on it. I’m a touch bitter because I’ll literally see 10 cents on a dollar for what I paid into it. Here’s the rub: SS is paid to so many people, living too long for how the system was designed that it will either have to cut benefits or get taxpayer infusions of cash. I’m pretty certain that gender studies majors working at Starbucks will NOT be enough to support it. So there’s the inter-generational factor. Cuts will lose votes, so… Read more »


Do you think the explosion of debt could possibly be because we have spent so much money for illegal immigrants coming into this country. The so called “cages” which the left is so upset about didn’t come free. Neither did all the freebies (medical, dental, clothing, food, shelter) , staff, etc for which the American taxpayer is paying for. So, now Mark Sanford doesn’t have a clue how to fix it, but wants to run as President. Go back to your Utopia, Mr. Sanford.

Bonnie Keever

Yeah well Trump inherit it from Obama remember we have to take care of the boarders


So after a 25 year political career now he’s concerned? What did he do about it as he saw it increasing? Appears to have been very little. He doesn’t “know what the answer is”. Seems the question may be then why are you considering a run for President?


RINOs doing what they do. They support the dismantling of our nation as much as the left and globalists. So long as they get their’s they don’t care about the future. Ask yourself this……why didn’t he run on that platform in 2016? The swamp is bigger then DC.


Mark my words, Sanford and Weld may as well go on a naked hike in the Andes with a couple of prostitutes.


Is this the ex-governor Stanford who resigned in shame because he lied about his whereabouts to everyone (family & staff) to go to Argentina to be with his Argentine mistress? Is this the Mark Sanford, that as a Congressman & governor, admitted to multiple marital affairs during his entire 1st marriage? President Trump would easily destroy his candidacy not about his “cheating” heart, but disappearing for six days in June 2009, all to follow his lust & passion. What nickname would Sanford be branded with? Where in the world is Mark Sanford or Disappearing Sanford or Fugitive Sanford?


Sanford at least points out our ruinous and explosive national debt. Some idiots want to explode it with “free” shit and other entitlements. Yes I’m looking at Social Security, Medicre, etc. .

Others just add to it incrementally, but it still adds up. We should live within our means or start living like the Aleuts did.

I have no dog in this fight except the money taken from every single paycheck and which I will NEVER see back, except at .10 on a dollar. However my children, grandchildren, and their children will be paying for this.

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