Sarah Huckabee Sanders Mocks Jim Acosta’s Interview Dare for Trump: ‘Trump Is Way out of His League’

Fox News’ Sean Hannity took swipes at CNN’s Jim Acosta for the second night in a row on his Friday night broadcast, during which he and White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders lamented the negative press coverage surrounding the president.

“It’s unreal the amount of negative coverage that comes from the media covering this White House,” Sanders said. “Not just because it’s so one-sided, but because there’s so many good things that they could be talking about.”

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After pointing out President Donald Trump’s achievements on the economy, rebuilding the judiciary and fostering relationships with foreign nations, Sanders brought up Acosta’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” interview, during which he dared the president to an interview.

“Just a little note to Jim: I think he should stick with going one-on-one with me because President Trump is way out of his league, and I don’t think he wants to take on that challenge because he’s definitely not going to win.”

Watch her roast CNN’s White House correspondent:

The prior night, Hannity also slammed Acosta’s “Kimmel” interview, calling out the reporter for claiming he was just as tough on former President Barack Obama as he has been on current President Trump.

“CNN’s fake news self-righteous cry-baby, Jim Acosta — yes, the big liberal leftist — will do anything for attention,” he said at the time. “He went on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ last night, claimed that he was just as tough on Obama as he is on President Trump. Really?”

Hannity then played a clip from a 2015 press conference in which Acosta asked President Obama a “softball question” about what some were calling the then-president’s “best week ever.”


“Yeah, he’s supposed to be the journalist,” Hannity joked after the clip finished playing. “Only thing missing were the pom-poms.”

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