Sarah Huckabee Sanders: The ‘Only War on Women’ Is the One ‘Being Waged Against’ Female Trump Staffers

While appearing on Fox News’s “MediaBuzz,” Deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders spent much of her conversation with host Howard Kurtz discussing various controversies that have plagued the White House of late, such as the Russia investigation and House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes receiving intelligence from White House officials.

Toward the end of the interview, Kurtz asked Sanders about Ivanka Trump being named as a White House official and the release of financial disclosures detailing how wealthy she and her husband, presidential adviser Jared Kushner, are. Quoting media sources like The New York Times, Kurtz noted that this could place the White House on “perilous legal and ethical ground.”

“I think it is a great thing to have people who have been successful come in and put some of their success in the private sector into the public sector. Instead of attacking Ivanka and Jared, we should be celebrating the fact that they’re there.”

Sanders added, “Democrats love to talk about the ‘War on Women.’ The only ‘War on Women’ that I see is the one that’s being waged against every woman and every female that is close to this president.”

She also noted that Ivanka Trump is one of the biggest advocates for women’s empowerment and Democrats should be happy she is sitting next to President Donald Trump.

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