Sarah Palin has Quite the Degrading Insult for ‘Never Trump’ Republicans

Speaking at the Western Conservative Summit Friday, former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin laid into Republicans who won’t support presumptive 2016 GOP nominee Donald Trump (emphasis added):

“…the movement is more than anger. It’s an optimistic, sensible, building-up-the-people agenda— and that is good change. But to them it’s a threat. You know who’s threatened. Those GOPers who insist that they’ll never vote for their party’s choice this time. They call themselves, that gang, they call themselves the ‘Never hashtag’…I just call them ‘Republicans Against Trump,’ or RAT for short.

They wanna take their [Denver] Nuggets ball and go home, and stay home instead of vote because their guy didn’t win this time around. Now, I shouldn’t call them thumb-suckers because they’re not all bad. I’m kidding, they are! And Hillary thanks them because she cannot win without them.”

Conservative Trump critics swiftly took to social media to express their opinions on Palin’s remarks:

The #NeverTrump movement provides many reasons why they refuse to endorse or vote for the presumptive nominee, and as Ben Shapiro put it:

Ouch. It doesn’t look like the RATs will be backing down any time soon.

What do you think?

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