Sarah Palin Hasn’t Endorsed Anyone Yet — But Here’s Who Bristol Palin Wants Her Mom to Support

Image Credit: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

The buzz today is that Sarah Palin plans on endorsing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in Iowa.

Ahead of that news, the Ted Cruz campaign has already started criticizing her presumed decision. Cruz spokesman Rick Tyler told CNN:

“I think it [would] be a blow to Sarah Palin, because Sarah Palin has been a champion for the conservative cause, and if she was going to endorse Donald Trump, sadly, she would be endorsing someone who’s held progressive views all their life on the sanctity of life, on marriage, on partial-birth abortion.”

But Bristol Palin is having none of that, slamming Harvard Law School graduate Cruz for setting up a “false narrative” about her mother.

In a blog post at Patheos, Palin writes:

“After hearing what Cruz is now saying about my mom, in a negative knee-jerk reaction, makes me hope my mom does endorse Trump. Cruz’s flip-flop, turning against my mom who’s done nothing but support and help him when others sure didn’t, shows he’s a typical politician.  How rude to that he’s setting up a false narrative about her!

America doesn’t need that.  We need someone who has a vision for economic prosperity, who won’t let us get kicked around in the world, and who will fight for our future.”

Palin adds that Cruz owes his Senate seat to her mom.

Then Bristol Palin adds her kicker, writing that she hopes her mom endorses “Donald Trump today for President.”