Sarah Sanders: ‘Americans Deserve the Truth’ of How Far Potential DOJ ‘Wrongdoing’ Went in Mueller Probe

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made it clear the American people will eventually know how widespread “wrongdoing” was at the Department of Justice during the investigation into Russian election interference.

Joining NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Sanders repeatedly pushed back on the suggestion that President Donald Trump may not accept the outcome of Attorney General William Barr’s probe into the origins of the Mueller investigation should he report no wrongdoing was committed.

“We already know that there was an outrageous amount of corruption that took place at the FBI. They leaked information. They lied. They were specifically working, trying to take down the president, trying to hurt the president. We’ll leave the final call up to the attorney general, and he’ll get to the bottom of it, but we think Americans deserve the truth.”

The press secretary continued on to say she’s “not going to get ahead” of what Barr’s conclusion will be, but argued that “we already know there was a high level of corruption that was taking place.”

“We already know about some wrongdoing. The president’s not wrong in that,” she said, “But he wants to know everything that happened and how far and how wide it went.”

Watch her comments below:

When asked if the president expects criminal charges to be issued against any former or current DOJ officials, specifically former FBI Director James Comey, Sanders assured host Chuck Todd that “those people should certainly be held responsible.”

After Todd accused the president again of having already made up his own conclusions on the Mueller probe, Sanders fired back, “We already know, once again, that there was wrongdoing. Now we want to know how much there was.”

“I don’t think it’s crazy to want to know how far and how wide the corruption of the FBI was,” she added.

The press secretary’s interview comes after Barr tapped a prosecutor to investigate the origins of the Mueller probe, which many Republicans believe stemmed from an unconstitutional warrant issued as a result of the unverified Steele dossier.

Many in the GOP have also expressed concerns over comments made by the FBI’s Peter Stzrok, Lisa Page and Andrew McCabe, worrying that they could be examples of possible bias in the DOJ and FBI.


  1. The Enemy Obama Administration was by far and away from the #1 Organized Crime Syndication in history, as well as commuting multiple High Crimes of Treason.
    If one is Educated on Arab AmeriCON Man B. Hussain Obama’s Anti-American upbringing and financial backing by America’s Foreign and Domestic Enemies, they know Obama’s the greatest FRAUD ever perpetuated upon humanity since the 7th century. It was then an extremely Uneducated Illiterrate Barbarian War Lord and Pedophile Fake Prophet named MohamMAD convinced a bunch of other illiterrate Imbeciles he was something other than a LYING FRAUD like Obama.

  2. This man’s conclusions in NO WAY reflect the answers Sarah gave to his questions. Just ANOTHER so-called ‘journalist’ spewing out fake news under the guise of a ‘serious’ interview. NBC should apologize for fir his statements and show him the door – for cause.

    1. Are you kidding, NBC hates Trump, remember the video that somehow got leaked of a private conversation where he joked about grabbing cats. That video belonged to NBC and we’ve never heard how it was mysteriously leaked. Typical Hollywood, they make a butload of money from Trump and completely turn on him. Chuck Todd will always have a job there as long as he hates Trump.

  3. I have seen the question, was Muller part of the operative the remove the president from office? My answer is yes, he was part of an organized coup to remove the president, him, Rosenstein, Comey, Brennan Clapper and the whole Special counsel office was criminal organization to remove the president from office. My racional to say this is; how many of the members of the Obama administration was accused for lying to congress? We well know the they all did, How many were prosecuted for been foreign governments agents? NONE. How many of them were investigated by the Muller crime organization? NONE.
    Because Muller was not looking to investigate the Russian collusion, he was investigating Donald Trump and the members of his government and family.

    1. PObama and his alphabet agencies couldn’t find any dirt on Trump, so they had to work with Russia to create the illusion of Trump commiting a crime.
      As far as Mueller’s lie that Russia thought Trump would be more favorable to Russia than Hellary Rotten Clinton is a tragic attempt at trying to convince stupid people he’s telling the Truth.
      Hellarys disasterous Russian Reset Button, the Clinton’s Crime Syndication selling 20% of America’s Uranium Supply to Russia, the 400 Million paid by Russia to the Clinton’s Crime Syndication.
      The reason the DNC’s Organized Crime Syndication manages to stay in business is the same reason Islamism stays in business: STUPID people…

  4. “Many Republicans believe”….how bout all Patriots know! #WWG1WGA

    “Many in the GOP have also”… about all Patriots eagerly await declass to show!! #MAGA

    But anyway, it sure will be glorious beginning in a few hours, and continuing to see how corrupt the Executive Branch had gotten under Obama. Barr, OIG, Huber, 5eyes, and declass will turn libs heads upside down! Pay attention Patriots!!

  5. It’s getting to the point where the swamp in getting poisoned and the dwellers are jumping out of the sewers…only to end up on dry grounds and dying from their main survival source!!

  6. The truth is that Democrats, across the board, conspired before and after the election to take President Trump down at any cost (the cost was very high to the Hillarrhoid campaign). They are still trying at the expense of the nation. Democrats are doing nothing to the benefit of America, only for their own party, trying to get votes ahead of 2020. Democrat dirty tricks.

    1. LOL….despite all the name calling, I had yet to hear Hillarrhoid. I intend to use that one if I may. Thank you.

  7. That’s the whole purpose of all these radical left wings trying to steer the Mueller probe and now any findings that he unearthed clear back to the lying Obama’s and their lackeys. It really feels good to see these witch hunters being the hunted! We Americans are so sick of all these evil swamp dwellers, time to dredge the pool. Let’s have the truth once and for all.

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