Sarah Sanders Calls Democrats an ‘Embarrassment for Public Service’

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White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is calling Democrats an “embarrassment for public service” on Monday, denouncing any consideration of impeaching President Donald Trump.

In an interview with “Fox & Friends,” Sanders attempted to deflect criticism of her and the Trump administration after the release of a redacted version of the Mueller report.

“Democrats got beat in 2016, and they got beat because they had a bad candidate and we had a great candidate,” she said praising Trump for his “vision.”

Sanders went on to commend her boss, claiming that “we could not be doing better under this president in two short years.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

The press secretary went on to argue that any talks of impeachment are because “They [Democrats] just keep losing, and President Trump keeps winning.”

“The country deserves better than what the Democrats are offering, they have become not just an embarrassment to their party, but an embarrassment for public service,” Sanders said, arguing “they are not providing the service to which they were elected to fulfill.”

Sanders went on to mock Democrats for holding a conference call as a body to discuss their next steps of action after the release of the Mueller report.

She then transitioned from defending Trump’s performance to playing defense on her own, responding to CNN analyst April Ryan who said she needs to be fired because the American people can’t “trust her.”

Sanders employed a similar tactic to her boss, attempting to discredit her detractor, saying she “is not taken seriously” as a journalist.

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Pray tell, Sarah, WHAT are the Dems offering this Nation? I haven’t heard one legitimate reason, plan or agenda item for which anyone would want to vote for a Dem/Socialist except those who wish to remain in lockstep with the fascist philosophy.

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