Sarah Sanders Claims Trump Reads ‘More Than Anybody I Know’

Leah Millis/File Photo/Reuters

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is no longer a fixture in the White House — she’s now mulling a future as a politician in Arkansas — but she is still happy to heap praise on the president.

That praise even seemed to get a little silly over the weekend when Sanders appeared on Fox News and declared that President Donald Trump is actually the most well-read person she knows.

During the segment, Sanders said, “The idea that he can only take in one or two bullets is absurd, I’ve watched him consume massive amounts of information, process it quickly, make a decision and go.”

When host Steve Hilton noted that Trump is known for not reading, Sanders declared, “He reads more than anybody I know.”

“Every single foreign trip, we actually would laugh about the fact, he has boxes upon boxes — file boxes — where he reads for hours. The rest of us want to take a break, we want to sleep. And the president works the entire time. He will spend hours on the plane reading through notes, reading through newspapers, magazines — he consumes a massive amount of information.”

See her comments below:

Sanders’ declaration that the president reads constantly is a rather new development in the life of the president. Trump is known to live-tweet Fox News segments, in fact, one researcher at the left-wing nonprofit Media Matters has become an expert at tying Trump tweets to Fox News segments.

The former press secretary is among those who have been trying to combat the new inside-the-White-House-tell-all by an anonymous author. At one point, the author wrote that the theme for briefing Trump was to “come in with one main point and repeat it over and over again, even if the president inevitably goes off on tangents, until he gets it. Just keep steering the subject back to it.”

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Mark Schlesinger

But he doesn’t read what the lame stream produces! No MY Slimes, Washington Ghost, Slime or Snoozeweak.

Phyllis Softa

If Trump reads more than Sarah’s father, a lot of former Huckabee supporters are rethinking that decision.

Phyllis Softa

I do not understand Sarah’s selling of Trump as a reader. He ran in 2016 as being averse to preparation. It was clear he had not even read the Constitution. Trump would be the ONLY college graduate that does not know the Revolutionary War took place in the 18th century and the first successful airplane flight took place in the 20th century. WHY attempt to tear down the only thing Trump has to connect with his supporters—they are not wealthy, not owners of private planes, not possessors of a rap sheet as long as both arms, not recipients of $400… Read more »





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