Sarah Silverman Becomes the Latest Leader to Call Out the Women’s March over Anti-Semitic Ties

Robin Marchant & David Livingston/Getty Images

Entertainer Sarah Silverman is the most recent person to call out the Women’s March for anti-semitism.

There have been multiple reports of Women’s March leaders being anti-semitic and praising Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who is known for his hateful rhetoric toward Jews and the LGBT community.

“I cannot imagine having such mild feelings over such a furious hatred of an entire people,” Silverman, who is Jewish, tweeted. “He calls us termites. I’m heartbroken but [I’m] gonna stay hopeful because I don’t wanna give up on Tamika.”

During an appearance on “The View,” Meghan McCain asked if Women’s March leader Tamika Mallory would condemn Farrakhan’s statements like “the powerful Jews are my enemy.” However, the leader avoided a straight answer and gave a vague statement.

“To be very clear, it’s not my language. It’s not the way that I speak,” Mallory said.

However, during a radio interview, Mallory seemed to be a little stronger in her criticism while still avoiding a full objection to the statements.


This might be too little, too late, as the Washington state chapter of the march disbanded over the allegations and far-left actress Alyssa Milano refused to attend any of the marches until the issue was directly addressed.

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Besides the ongoing joy of the Left eating its own, I’m wondering what “poor” Sarah will do now that her Hulu show’s been cancelled? Don’t worry. She’s a Hollywood Leftist and will land something new.

Mark Swatzki

So these crazy folks do not agree? Suprising

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