Women in Saudi Arabia Are Finally Being Allowed to Exercise a Right They Never Could Before

As far as ‘women’s rights’ are considered, Saudi Arabia has one of the worst track records in the world.

Out of the world’s 196 countries, it’s the only one that has banned women from being able to drive. In addition, things like ‘tempting eyes’ have been made illegal in the Desert Kingdom.

With such a different approach on ‘women’s rights’, the latest news on what Saudi Arabia is now giving women the power to do definitely comes as a surprise.

The Independent reports:

Women are registering to vote in national elections for the first time in the history of Saudi Arabia.

In what the kingdom’s officials describe as a “significant milestone in progress towards a participation-based society, municipal elections will be held across the country later this year.

While finally permitting voting by women is a step in the right direction, there is still a long way to go to make them feel like equals.

According to Bloomberg:

Though more of them are working, women still only make up 16 percent of Saudis with jobs and account for 60 percent of the unemployed, according to the labor report.

Even as their status has improved from a decade ago, their lives remain restricted. They cannot drive, and they need a guardian’s permission to travel or have some surgeries.

Only time will tell if Saudi officials choose to put into place more reforms that give women more opportunities in their nation.

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