Scalise Asks Dems to Consider Consequences of Rhetoric: ‘Return to Civility Before Someone Else Gets Hurt’

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Representative Steve Scalise speaks from experience when warning about what will happen if people do not work together.

Scalise wrote an op-ed that was posted onto the Fox News website about the recent reluctance from Democrats to speak out against the recent harassment of Republican leaders.

In the op-ed, he listed many people that have been attacked and harassed, and claimed that Democrats are attempting to encourage aggression. Scalise has also tweeted about the threats, calling for them to stop.

The representative claimed that Democrats should win over supporters by sharing their ideals instead of constantly calling out Republicans.

“In America, we win battles at the ballot box, not through mob rule or intimidation. While it’s clear many Democrats refuse to accept the election of President Trump, if they want change, they need to convince people with their ideas and actually win elections, rather than call for violent resistance, harassment, and mob rule. As I see, working in Congress every day, it’s possible to agree without being disagreeable and address political differences in a civil manner. That’s an example leaders need to continue to set.”

Eric Holder’s comments were also addressed, saying that similar rhetoric was harming the democracy.

“Instead, when Democratic leaders like Eric Holder call for violence, that is a direct threat to our democracy,” said Scalise. “I hope he and others think long and hard about the world they are creating and the impact they are leaving on this country.”

At the end of the article, Scalise warned that if nothing changes, there may be consequences.

“As the oldest democracy, our country has long been heralded as the freest country in the world,” Scalise said. “It doesn’t feel so free if anyone lives in fear for holding or expressing a differing opinion. Let’s end this violence and return to civility before someone else gets hurt.”

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  1. Shut up dummy. You got shot by a good guy with a gun? But he Doesn’t bring up Trump’s rhetoric, that got 4 reporter killed at a Maryland news paper.

  2. Anonymous It is unfortunate that you are so filled with hate that you cannot see the truth. We can go back and forth for days regarding who did what and when. Come down off you cloud of hatred for just a minute and look at what you are becoming. We can be civil and still disagree, we can listen to each other and maybe learn, we can come together and be the Nation that we always were.

    • Where were you and Steve Scalise when Robert Dear shot 5 police officers and 2 civilians and killed 1 police officer and 2 civilians at the Planned Parenthood in Colorado? Not one mention of Blue Lives Matter over at FOX when reporting that episode of gun violence. The rhetoric against Planned Parenthood continues to this very day. Where was Steve Scalise when the Edgar Welch went to Comet Ping Pong with an assault rifle because of the Pizzagate conspiracy? The wild conspiracies about Hillary continue to this day often repeated by the Freedom caucus of which Scalise is a member! Even when they are disproved, they are repeated and repeated by the minions. Where were the pro-life supporters when Scott Roeder shot and killed Dr Tiller?—The same place they were when Shelly Shannon shot him. They supported Shannon and Roeder! Where was Steve Scalise when the Tea Party harassed, threatened and spit on Democrat Congress members in 2010—He was running for re-election on the Death Panels conspiracy and applauding the protests at the Capitol and town halls across the country. Check Steve’s twitter feed. He is STILL demonizing Nancy Pelosi, even AFTER his public comments.— I am all for more civility in public discourse, but it can not be one sided. We have a POTUS that perpetuates the decline and he is APPLAUDED and CHEERED by the same people who claim they want civility. The same individuals that claim they want the country to come together, APPLAUD and CHEER Trump when he further divides the country. That makes no sense. But, logic is something I have stopped searching for in the Party of Trump.

  3. It absolutely needs to change, the threats, the harassment, the hate is becoming a contagious disease in this country. I worry there will be another civil war in this country. It is terrifying to think about this happening. It is going to destroy our country if people do not come together to work on our problems. We can disagree, but to threaten, and label people racist is going nowhere and just causing more hate and division. We are better than this!!!

  4. When no one values the sanctity of human life and calls for the masses to create discourse those people should be charge with inciting violence!!!

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