Scalise Calls out Dems for Their Lack of ‘Outrage’ Over Mock POTUS Assassination Photos

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) is calling out Democrats for their lack of “outrage” over recent photos that went viral of a mock assassination of President Donald Trump.

Not only were the photos a mock assassination of the president, but they also were taken during Democratic state Sen. Martin Sandoval’s (D-Ill.) political fundraising event over the weekend.

As IJR Red previously reported, the images portray a man holding a fake gun toward the president.

While Scalise is glad that the state senator condemned and apologized for the photos, he told Fox News late Monday, “What disappoints me is that you don’t see any kind of outrage from the left.”

He continued to call out 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, as well as Democratic leadership, for not denouncing this hatred against Trump:

“The leadership at the top of the Democratic Party has been noticeably silent, and I think that’s really the big take away from this is that they’re encouraging it, they’re okay with it, and it’s dangerous. It needs to stop.”

The Republican lawmaker called on both sides of the aisle to “step up” whenever any violent acts, like this, occur “wherever it’s coming from.”

“It’s wrong either way,” Scalise said, adding, “You don’t see the left condemning it.”

Watch Scalise’s interview below:

Even though the Democratic state senator says he didn’t know about the mock assassination taking place during his event, Sandoval apologized for it, labeling the photos “unacceptable.”

“I don’t condone violence toward the President or anyone else,” Sandoval initially said in an email. “I apologize that something like this happened at my event.”

Additionally, Illinois Gov. of J.B. Pritzker (D) called the photos “insensitive and wrong” amidst the “nation [grappling] with the epidemic of gun violence.”

The photos also drew a response from the White House. White House counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway called for every Democrat to be “asked if they support or disavow this.”


  1. The Dems are going to go bat s— crazy when Trump gets reelected, the House flips back and Republicans hold the Senate. Seriously, I would not out anything past these lunatics. They only have themselves to blame with the Stupid Squad with those blabbering dimwits and geez, the 2020 Lineup. It’s like a bad comedy sketch.

  2. I am confused.

    Where was YOUR outrage when a poster linking Rep Omar to 9/11was displayed at a Republican gathering in the Statehouse of Virginia?

    Did I miss it or are you all just practicing selective outrage?

    1. Join the discussion…There was no depiction of her being assassinated you brainless idiot. Besides she ask for that when she made the comment “some people did something”. Go back to playing the role of the Scarecrow. It is obvious you have no brain power at all.

    2. You are confused, Bob. The comparison of the accusations or threats is the same, not different.

  3. I thought that was against the law? If so, has anyone been detained? I also seem to recall major outrage when a Conservative lady who was running for office several years ago said she was targeting some opponents and used a graphic with a target on it. According to her opposition she was directly threatening them and endangering them. So far i have not heard any of that in this case.

  4. Hell they barely batted an eye when a head intended to be Trump was used by Kathy why would they care about this. They actually hope it happens also so they condone this.

  5. I think hes a liar! Nobody would be that daft to even attempt anything like that at a fundraiser unless they were all in on it! they’re a bunch of sick people and its too bad the FBI didn’t do their job when Madonna started some of this crap and Kathy Griffith so on and so forth……It might have stopped by now! Taxpayers are getting sick of this and its not right for children to see this…..

  6. Somebody’s head should roll for this. Imagine if someone had done something this vile about Super O.
    There would have been riots. This is beyond partisanship.

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