Scalise Recalls Emotional Baseball Story of ‘Countless Heroes, Miracles, and Prayers’ Two Years Later

On the exact day two years after the attack on Republican members of Congress during a congressional baseball practice, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) is reflecting on his emotional story.

“Thanks to countless heroes, miracles, and prayers, I’m still here today getting to do the job I love in Congress—and play a little baseball,” the Republican lawmaker tweeted, along with sharing his story in a video on how far he’s come since being shot by a gunman on June 14, 2017.

The Republican lawmaker shared that “there were dark days when I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it” or walk again as the attack left him with nerve damage in his left leg. However, “the constant flow of prayers, the love, and the support” were “incredibly powerful.” He had the drive to get back up and continue serving as a congress member. 

“When I look back as we embark upon this two-year anniversary I still have a lot of emotions, but a lot of special feelings for the friends, the heroes, the miracles, and all of you who prayed. … And I am better, keep getting better every day.”

Watch Scalise’s story below:

During Thursday’s baseball practice, Scalise had the honor of thanking one of those heroes again, Special Agent Crystal Griner, who saved his life two years ago, as IJR Red reported.

“If they weren’t out there that day and risking their lives, I mean, y’all can be proud to know that the best of law enforcement was on display that day,” Scalise said.

Scalise has received an outpouring of support ahead of this year’s game:

Since the shooting, Scalise has advocated further for Second Amendment rights, telling the audience at this year’s National Rifle Association’s event in April, “Our rights come to us from God, not lawmakers. … Our Founding Fathers believed in that.”

Scalise will be back out on the baseball field with his fellow Congress colleagues, as they are set to play the annual bipartisan Congressional Baseball Game on June 26.

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I’m glad she didn’t have to use her skills again as we are in crzy times. Bless Special Agent Griner.

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