‘The Reality We Face’: Scalise Leads GOP Pack in Torching House Dems as Few Back Born Alive Bill

Steve Scalise
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When it comes to protecting babies born alive after a failed abortion, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) is continuing to be there to defend them.

Scalise, along with Rep. Ann Wagner (R-Mo.) filed a discharge petition for the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act — the bill was earlier blocked for a vote —on April 2 to put pressure on House Democrats to bring the bill for a vote. However, although the bill would need all of the 197 Republicans signatures, it’d also need 21 Democrats, but since, it’s only garnered three of House Democrats support.

It’s been six months of GOP lawmakers advocating for the bill, marked on August 5, and Scalise is wondering, “What is Speaker Pelosi afraid of?”

The Republican lawmaker, joined by Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser, wrote a Fox News op-ed published on Monday, expressing frustration over the lack of backing of the petition.

“Every single baby born in America deserves proper medical care and attention. That’s just common sense. Yet we continue to learn of cases — far too many — where babies are born alive during an attempted abortion, denied that crucial medical care, and left to die.”

While labeling Democrat’s opposition an “outrage,” the lawmaker said the Born-Alive bill “is narrow in scope, addresses a real problem, and saves lives.”

“Yet, while all 197 Republicans signed the petition, only three Democrats were willing to do so. Is it really possible that only three Democrats in the House believe babies born alive during an abortion deserve medical care? As grim as it sounds, that’s the reality we face.”

Echoing Scalise, Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) also called out congressional Democrats for not signing the petition as only “1.3% of House Democrats” did so.

“I repeat, Democrats are blocking a bill to require doctors to treat infants who’ve survived abortions,” he said.

Check out reactions from Republican lawmakers below:

Scalise also knocked 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls for their support of repealing the Hyde Amendment.

“Americans who do not support abortion should not be forced to pay for abortions, and yet the Democrat candidates are pledging to funnel taxpayer dollars to abortion businesses,” he wrote.

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Ah, the Dim agenda. Murder future voters who’ll be replaced by illegal immigrants. If they were more clear-headed they’d discourage abortion so there’d be more government dependents and more dysfunctional humans to vote for free stuff. I’m skeptical about this rape/incest excuse. Show me some real #s. I suspect it’s in the single-digits at most. Personally, we have enough stupid, dependent people on our tax dollars. They cannot even support themselves, so it’s averting child cruelty. Let them continue to murder their children. It’s the same policies of eugenics practiced by progressives and Dims more openly before they got caught.… Read more »


To James,

Good point. Apparently black lives DO NOT matter as they constitute 35% of chlidren murdered (according to the CDC and considering that black women constitute 6% of the population it’s an overachievement.) Also consider that Hispanic children are tne next biggest #.


I fail to understand WHY the “DemocRATs” are for gun control and for confiscation of firearms to prevent murders; YET are – conversely – advocates for DELIBERATELY murdering innocent newborns. Is this another of their “we’ve got to have it both ways” scenarios?

[Planned Parenthood KILLED 638,169 babies in 2015 on the taxpayer’s dime.]

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