Scalise Warns That HHS Will Shut Down If Dems Don’t Approve Additional Funding for Border Crisis

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) spoke out during a Tuesday press conference, saying that the Health and Human Services (HHS) agency will run out of money due to the pressure of the border crisis.

“We’ve known for months now that there is a serious crisis at our nation’s border,” said Scalise. “This goes beyond border security, clearly there are so many things we have to do to secure the border. We have to ultimately stop all of these interior loophole laws that are becoming magnets to draw people here illegally.”

As IJR Red reported, border patrol officials have spoken out about the need for Congress to address the border crisis. Scalise claimed that there are hundreds of young children immigrating every day.

“Our asylum laws are so broken that they’ve literally led to hundreds of thousands of people coming across illegally. I mean just look at the numbers. Right now, I talked to the homeland security secretary yesterday about this crisis, they are getting over 300 young children every single day.”

He claimed that the HHS will soon run out of money because of the number of people needing care.

“Every single day that they have to turn over to Health and Human Services because they have health issues and health needs that need to be met and they are going to run out of money by next week,” said Scalise.


He pointed out that while Democrats have started speaking out against the crisis, the Trump administration has been requesting Congress to address the issue.

”If Congress doesn’t act this week, and by the way, this is no midnight hour crisis,” said Scalise. “For over a month now President Trump has been calling on Congress to act and address this crisis.”

Democrats are torn on supporting a bill that will provide aid to border officials to alleviate some pressure off the overwhelmed agencies.


  1. Congress does seem to care very little for American citizens all the while singing “We Are the World.”

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