‘Abortion-on-Demand, Funded by Taxpayers’: Scalise Lays Out the Truth of ‘Medicare for All’ Coverage

Steve Scalise
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The “one-size-fits-all” way to go about health care with the Democrats’ “Medicare for All” bill will cause taxpayers to bear abortion expenses and force medical professionals to perform abortions, as GOP lawmakers are warning.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), along with Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.), wrote a Fox News op-ed that was published on Tuesday, laying out the facts on the controversial bill’s effect in regard to abortion.

The Medicare for All bill, which was led by 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and cosponsored by several other candidates, has been criticized over its hefty price tag of $32 trillion over 10 years, which is “hard to wrap your head around,” as the pair wrote.

“We need to cut health care costs, not completely demolish our health care system,” they declared.

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As for abortion, the health care bill would shift away from decadeslong bipartisan protection and instead require “taxpayer-funded abortions on demand and force health professionals to perform these abortions” — which they labeled “radical and unprecedented.”

When questioning the bill’s coverage of abortions, Scalise and Walden said it would because the bill covers “comprehensive reproductive, maternity, and newborn care.”

“This means abortion-on-demand, funded by taxpayers,” they said.

Additionally, medical professionals would be forced to perform abortions under Medicare for All, as the bill says that “items and services to eligible persons shall be furnished by the provider without discrimination.”

The congressmen continued:

The debate over health-care solutions is hard, but worthy of our best, because the choices we make now will impact the lives millions of Americans. That is why this is so important; why we must hold the line and defend life. Life is precious and we are committed to defending it.

As IJR Red previously reported, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget president Maya MacGuineas warned that Medicare for All policies — such as free tuition, health care, family leave, and child care — would foot hefty bills to taxpayers, costing “over $20,000 per taxpayer.”

“I know trillion is kind of hard to get your arms around, but when you bring it down per taxpayer, we are talking more than a $20,000 increase in taxes,” MacGuineas said.

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Connie Atchley

I don’t ever want to pay for anyone’s abortion. Let them keep their legs together and they won’t need an abortion. Shame on the Dems.

Curly Baca
Curly Baca

I STILL DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY THE GOP AND THOSE THAT REALLY CARE ABOUT AMERICA CALL THIS health care the democrats want, MEDICARE FOR NONE. I have been on Medicare for almost 20 years and their program will demolish our present Medicare system. While NOT perfect it’s the best there is and is serving those that are on it well. The young people who will get a free membership card is all they will have a free membership card BUT no health care. Long waiting lines, no coverage of any substance but the democrats will be able to say, BUT EVERYONE… Read more »

MariaRose Randazzo

Everyone is totally missing the point in this article, which is that whatever “Medicare for All” covers, the cost to taxpayers will be high. Unspoken is the fact that the insurers will still get their high-profit line with no lowered prices to us patients. This has nothing to do with what is covered but what we are really paying.

Tom Bodine

Free free free it’s the motto of the Demo-rats and all the lefties be they socialists or communists, lazy useless people that won’t fare for themselves and want successful people to pay for their stuff.


In fact, funding abortions would actually save taxpayers money, because the costs associated with childbirth, neonatal and pediatric care greatly exceed the costs of abortion. Public funding for abortion neither costs the taxpayer money nor drains resources from other services. On the question of pro-life vs. pro-choice…our tax dollars fund many programs that individual people oppose. For example, those who oppose war on moral or religious grounds pay taxes that are applied to military programs. The congressional bans on abortion funding impose a particular religious or moral viewpoint on those women who rely on government-funded health care. Providing funding for… Read more »

David Fagan

44% of US pays no taxes so the other half has to pay for them too, that’s 40K per family. At 40K you might as well join unemployment and get on the 44% side with free healthcare. I think that’s why SOCIALISM doesn’t work.
Quick math tells me US TAX PAYERS would have to pay 1.528e+12, 1.5 TRILLION for people to sit on the a….s and get free healthcare.

Gary Glissman

These politicians are so incredibly stupid and refuse to share all of the truth. How much do they think is being spent on health care in the US today? It is over $3 trillion per year, so in 10 years that cost will be well over $30 trillion. And how much of that is going to PROFITS by the big insureres, pharma and hospital systems? It is almost 30% of the total spend!!! That’s what goes away with a Medixcare for All system.Most of that $1 trillion profit per year will no longer be spent and lobbyist dollars for those… Read more »


Potentially 20k per tax payer, but you would remove all insurance and medical costs families are spending now – its not as horrifying of a number when that’s considered. “..comprehensive reproductive, maternity, and newborn care.” There is a lot included in that. Most all of it is great stuff which SHOULD be provided without discrimination in a medicare for all instance. Honestly, i would agree that abortion should not be included in that. I’m a big advocate for pro choice, but being cognizant of people who are against abortions and why, i don’t think tax payer money should go to… Read more »

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